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    Old girl has laid a lash egg

    Thank you for the update, I'm glad you have vet that knows something about birds, and I do hope this one has a happy ending. @jwehl , my guess is that the implant is Suprelorin or the equivalent. There are some threads on here that discuss cost in the US, probably you can search for those...
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    Chicken with odd scab on foot starting to smell rotten...

    Glad to see the update, awesome job! Looks so good. Congrats!
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    What's wrong with Hazel ?

    Molting? They sometimes don't eat well during molt and can lose weight. If she has pinfeathers coming in anywhere then that is what I would suspect. The new feathers are sensitive and uncomfortable, they may be standoffish from others due to that, sometimes they just don't feel great. You...
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    Lash egg / salpingitis diagnosed - what next?

    I've had some go fairly quickly. Others lived longer, a couple made it 18 months or so. Those that survived longer gradually slowed down. Body condition deteriorated (keel became very prominent) despite feeling heavy, due to the matter in their abdomens. I had one that had an abcessed ovary...
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    Lash egg / salpingitis diagnosed - what next?

    I have attempted treatment on about 8 hens for this over the last 10 years. None of mine have recovered. My guess is that while the antibiotics might slow it down, it's really resistant to treatment, and the fact she's expelling lash material would indicate the issue is not resolved. And you...
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    Necessary Multiple Rooster Space in a Coop and Run

    It very much depends on your space, the number of hens, and the roosters/cockerels in question. I have two roo's currently, 5.5 and 6 years old, and 25 hens. They all stay in the same coop, they all range in the same enclosure. They are outside from morning until dusk in their fenced run...
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    Bumble foot surgery...successful?

    Jeez, I'm so sorry, I neglected to put the link to the thread in my answer. :he:oops: Here is the link: Yes, I would also do the lesion on the bottom of the...
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    Bumble foot surgery...successful?

    Hard to say if his foot will be normal after it's all healed or not. I had to do a lot of tissue removal and cleaning the first go round with mine and the toe that was swollen appears to have nerve damage. He does OK with it, so I just keep an eye on him. It is no longer swollen, it just...
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    Bumble foot surgery...successful?

    So first two pictures are before surgery, third is immediately post surgery, and last two are now? Just guessing, but the middle toe and foot still appears swollen in the pictures, so you may not have gotten all of it out. The one on the top/side appears to me to be regenerating, circled...
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    Co-operating with Marek's

    Here is another thread, all about people dealing with Marek's in their flocks and breeding for resistance, may find something helpful there.
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    5 month old silkie with wry neck now dying

    I'm very sorry. It's always harder when you have put a lot of time and effort into caring for one. It's very hard to say from a distance what your best options are. If you think the vitamins are having any positive effect then you can continue those. Since she also has scissor beak (it...
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    5 month old silkie with wry neck now dying

    I went back and read your other posts. Did you up your dose of vitamin E to 400iu? And provide something containing selenium to help absorbtion? While wry neck is often caused by vitamin deficiency, it can also have other causes. Illness like Marek's disease can also cause it. The leg...
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    Leghorn earlobes are yellow

    Yellow legged breeds with white earlobes will sometimes have yellowish earlobes. It's probably normal. Leghorns in particular are mentioned on page four in the attached document.
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    Mites causing an eye infection in chicken

    Since you still have mites on her, I would do as @Eggcessive recommended, and I would clean out the coop again, spray with a permethrin based spray, and replace all bedding/nesting materials again. Sometimes it can take multiple times at weekly intervals to get all the mites that continue to...
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