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    Keeping hawks out

    Squirrels are good too. We have some brave ones that run up the tree barking and messing with the hawks that sit in the tree tops.
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    Keeping hawks out

    We have those queues, too, when a hawk may be around. Main alarm is crows...And have seen multiple times a murder of crows relentlessly chasing a hawk (or three) away.
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    Review by 'CoopDeVille1973' in article 'aart's Waste-Free Funnel Bucket Feeder'

    Great design Aart! I built one to your specs. We only had a few tablespoons of wasted crumble one day when the girls were having a party and filled the entire bottom up with food by constantly scratching one day when they were still getting used to it...but otherwise, never any waste...ever!
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    Comment by 'CoopDeVille1973' in article 'Orpington Stronghold - **article has multiple pages**'

    Nice job on the Vinyl! Where did you get that and how is the vinyl secured at the bottom so the sheets don't blow around
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    Time to Build Permanent Coop!!!

    yeah, triple paint time, just like you would triple the cost of the coop, if you plan painting the entire thing, not just the frame work!
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    Hardware cloth. Attached Inside or Outside??

    if you use lathe screws, anticipate which direction the wire will pull/push (direction of force) so you know which corner of the 1/2" hardware cloth square the head will hold. Wrong corner and it is pushed on, the hardware cloth with simply pop over the lathe screw head. Correct corner and it...
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    If you go with a metal roof, depending on where you live (update your location in your profile please!) put plywood and underlayment underneath so you don't have to deal with condensation on the steel roofing at certain times of the year.
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    What Kind Of Wood Protectant Should I Use?

    How often do you plan on applying the whitewash?
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    What Kind Of Wood Protectant Should I Use?

    I’m wondering the same. I’m at the point to be painting/coating/flooring the interior. Floor covering or painting seems like a no brainer. Interesting thought on leaving interior walls bare to breathe!
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    How to get rid of mites?

    Can/should you eat eggs after spraying permethrin? If not, how long after spraying can one start safely eating them?
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    My Chicken Shack is ready for chickens!

    Spectacular...wishing I had the time and money for a palace like that!
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    SO. MUCH. MUD. Thinking of putting a metal roof on run....

    I don't work for the government though I'm an engineer....I go overkill on most of my projects :D
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    SO. MUCH. MUD. Thinking of putting a metal roof on run....

    What are the dimensions of the run? 4/12 pitch minimum so you don't have to worry about extra butyl taping of seams (water will find its way in). Make sure you put rigid foam insulation or at least plywood down before the steel to mitigate condensation at certain temps and humidity levels. Frame...
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    Need ideas for a large coop

    You need 4 ft sq per bird. Several ways to go here. how handy are you? Also, where are you located? Much more feedback to come from others for sure!
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