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    Chickens sleeping outside coop

    It's 48 sq ft, half with wood walls and half with hardware cloth walls and a metal roof, and about 6' high. It's a really nice coop. The area around it is hardened to keep out critters and I've never seen signs of them getting in as we keep a camera on it. put in extra perch space long ago...
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    Chickens sleeping outside coop

    I have a flock of 12 hens and a rooster. They have a spacious coop and the backyard is fenced. I have an automated door that opens early and closes in the late evening. Over the summer months, my flock has taken to camping out in the yard, about half of them sleeping on various perch spots...
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    Not getting enough water from nipple waterer?

    My 12 are just fine with the nipple waterer. And, when they get an opportunity, they excitedly go to any water source, including muddy puddles. I have parrots, and they always have fresh water. Yet, the minute I turn on the sink or fill a bowl, they want to drink out of it. I think birds are...
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    Can a dog and chickens safely coexist in a small backyard?

    I will say that it depends on the dog. We have a cross havanese/shihtzu (supposedly) and he is more afraid of the chickens than wanting to go after them. He is the same with out parrots. He doesn't have the sort of mouth that is good for grabbing like, say, a terrier. We had a havanese for a...
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    My Husky is killing my chickens and ducks, I need help!

    I simply wouldn't trust a husky around any bird unless the dog is very well trained. My friend's husky had it in for my parrot. We were camping and the dog broke into our tent, pulled out the blankets covering the cage and then ripped open the cage to get to the bird.
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