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    Should I just admit defeat?

    LED lights burn very little power. If you are operating on battery, LED is the way to go.
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    A cluttered run

    Our birds sometimes ‘go up top’ to get away. Even with our Run being 8’ x 25’, I wish I had built the Run larger. I try to give Ours several places to climb on top and also hide under. I don’t want them getting board enough that they start picking at each other.
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    Not double Yolk, but Double Egg!

    In the 1950s, my grandparents had a hen lay a few Double Eggs! This consisted of one overly LARGE egg with a near normal sized egg, inside. Both eggs were fully complete with each egg having its own shell, yolk, etc.. My grandfather ‘blew out’ the eggs so they could keep the dry egg shells...
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    Raising chicks with the flock

    Thanks folks. If one goes broody, we do have a separate coop / run connected to our main run by a 2 foot square door. The small run is 4 foot by 9 foot. The ’coop’ for that run is really just an oversized nesting box 24” x 12”, which has an open doorway, that can’t be shut at night.
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    Raising chicks with the flock

    We have 5 hens and two roosters. (Only one roo does the mating.) Anyway, if one of my hens goes broody, can she raise her chicks in the same coop and run? I am concerned about the other chickens hurting / killing them.
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    Newish to chickens

    My wife and I are somewhat new to chickens. A couple of years ago, a neighbor across the street moved out and just abandoned 12 free-ranged chickens to the neighborhood. This really bothered my wife so she started buying feed for them. After a few months of them getting killed off one by one by...
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