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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    I am making a list in the order they were posted here to add to the orders I have already. :) I don't come on here much in the last few years. you can also email me at [email protected] with updates and if you are looking for eggs or chicks. chicks are minimum 6. Will only send those when it...
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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    I will have some available this spring. they are laying sporadically right now. I have hatched a few. Roo is just starting to get interested in breeding. lol I have a couple local chick orders to fill first.
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    ISO: Brahma, Orps, and Coronation Sussex hatching eggs.

    right now my coronation hens are in with a light sussex for splits until my young roo is ready (anytime) I also have gold and blue partridge brahmas and light brahmas if interested along with mottled, choc, jubilee and several other colors of english Orpingtons. and several other breeds. :) here...
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    how many of the cuckoo and blues do you have? are the blues solid blue or blue copper?
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    Blue Partridge/Gold Partridge Brahma and Sulmtalers Chicks - $5 - We can Ship!

    I sent you a message. interested in what you have left.
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    Blue/Black/Splash Barnevelder Chicks

    do you have an extra blue or splash cockerel/roo?
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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    darn missed them
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    B/B/S Double Laced Barnevelder Hatching Eggs

    What linedid your birds originate from?
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    The NEW Crazy 24hr AUCTION thread

    $22 if still available
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    Kentucky people

    Oh that is too funny! just now looked back at it.. supposed to be 30 miles NORTH of state park off hwy 127... stupid phone. lol
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    Kentucky people

    I am about 30 mins mortuary of the state park off hwy 127 and 1 hour from the falls
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