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    Free Range or Not? What Does Everyone Prefer?

    I free range my flock and they all go back into the coop at night and i lock them up at around dark its for safety and the fact i live way out in the woods predators are rampant my newer chickens tend to roam the back yard but the older group know the best bug hideouts
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    Idenitify this ROOSTER

    its the same bird in both just one picture i think i zoomed in way too much and it went blurry on me.. the other one is identical but smaller *not much and has the same rose comb .. i thought they might be a cornish/wynadotte cross either way im pretty certain he's destined to the...
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    Idenitify this ROOSTER

    a friend of my moms was trying out her new incubator we werent expecting much of a hatch .. turned out 44 out of 48 eggs hatched and i got 24 ... i was thinking he might be a cornish crossed with something else..he's quite big the only other roos close to his size are my australops and...
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    Poop board convert *warning-graphic/gross poop pictures*

    Ha ha ha thats what i use our cat goes outside.. and we were using a milk crate but with the younger ones they were starting to jump into it and bust my eggs so i decided to use the kitty litter box.. i think im gonna get a couple more although i would rather they lay in boxes a little...
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    Can black Australorp chicks be all black?

    my austrolop chicks wheni got them in march 3 had white and one was completely black as it would have it that completely black one is my Big rooster that we are keeping he's lovely as can be a gentleman to even the big girls who have put the younger ones thru their paces
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    Idenitify this ROOSTER

    i got a batch of straight run chickens.. i know what everyone else is breed wise or mix wise but i have no idea about these two Im sure their both roos ...due to their combs and size .. anyone help ? thanks Everyone for any help Crystal
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    I think I've been over treating

    no more treats..
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    So much feed wasted!

    dont feed again till its cleaned up they will eat it but if they know your just gonna go and replace it immediately they will keep doing it ..and your spending money and wasting feed .. mine are picky too thats why i keep the feeder in the coop so they wont do that
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    What is the difference between crumble,pellets and mash?

    i do pellets for my hens and my roosters who i have seperated out that are going to freezer camp will be starting in a couple weeks on higher protien turkey feed to help beef them up* tried chick grower they arent real fond on it anymore* lol also pellets usually are less waste crystal
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    My girls are on their own tonight

    i moved 24 straight run chicks their 8 weeks old out into the big girl coop.. last night so far its been interesting they are toleranting each other so i am sure urs will be great
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    Poultry Nipple Drinker Waterers water systems for duck chicken hens

    are these still avaible and do you ship to canada or know of someone who does?
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    Rabbit Doe pulling fur

    I have a doe holland lop who yesterday started pulling fur.. around her head... mainly around one eye and today its around the forehead/nose area.. no clue as to why she is doing it my other rabbit in the cage beside her is fine.. and they havent faught or anything.. the skin is pink...
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    So I think I might be going about this all wrong????

    my meatie i raised last year roosted and beleive me chicken wire DIDNT keep them in... i ended up having to put them in the chain link run of my layers and let the layers free range all summer and the meaties range 4/7 days a week due to they ruining their run...and enclosure.. my advice Use...
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    Rabbit questions

    we have a holland lop *female* she has a stumpy hind leg due to her mom .. im hoping to still be able to breed her...and a netherland doe as well... now im searching for bucks and a meat breed pair.. here is a few pictures of the ladies this is peanut or as my 3 year calls her PBJelly...
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