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    Moving a flock of hens...advice please

    Thank you. Great ideas.
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    Moving a flock of hens...advice please

    Good advice. Thank you Folly.
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    Moving a flock of hens...advice please

    Thank you Mary.
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    Moving a flock of hens...advice please

    Thank you for the counsel. I actually didn't even think about the legality.
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    Moving a flock of hens...advice please

    Hello all, I am moving from Santa Rosa California to Nampa Idaho. It is a 10 hour car trip. I have 5 hens about 5 years old. All healthy and laying. i am worried this long trip will be too stressful for the girls. What is your opinion? Re-home or move them? Appreciate your advice. Thank...
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    Comment by 'DDRanch' in article 'Chicken Toys - Why they are important and how you can provide them'

    Great article. Although I dont compost, I do fill three or four large trash bags with dry and fallen leaves through out fall before the rains. Maple leaves are great because they are large but any dry leaves work well. I dump the bags in my pen and coop. Adds fun and lots of entertainment along...
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    Review by 'DDRanch' in article 'How To Raise Mealworms'

    I tried raising meal worms a couple of years ago using three bins to separate the different worm stages as recommmended by the article I followed. Didnt last long as it was cumbersome and took more time than I was willing to spend. This article fives me the confidence and alternative one...
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    Better for a hen to live alone?

    One of my older hens is being bullied by the rest of the flock. This is beyond the pecking order syndrome. I have had chickens for many years. She has been losing weight for several months now, still eating and participating but clearly not happy. Tail down, lying down for most of the day...
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    Heat exhaustion. Hen down......Advise please Wed UPDATE

    I am so sorry about your losses. It sounds like you are doing everything possible to keep your hens safe and comfortable. I remember when I originally posted this thread that at the time several of my hens fared worse than others. I dont know if it was because of their breed or their age, or a...
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    Things i never knew about chickens...

    I never knew how affectionate a chicken could be I never knew how protective I could be I never knew how funny chickens are I never knew I could train them to come when called better than my dog I never imagined how much joy a small flock could give me year after year I never knew what...
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    Barn Owls and chickens? Problem?

    I don' have pictures but the most visable sign of nesting or roosting barn owls are the pellets they regurgitate. These pellets are oval/round shaped and contain the bones, fur, etc of the rodents and small mammals they eat. They are quite smelly too. Since owls hunt at night, it would be...
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    Great Horned Owls and chickens?

    We have a pair of Great Horned owls nesting near my chicken coop. We are thrilled to have the owls so close but I wonder if they will pose a threat to my hens. I have large breeds. Obviously, the hens are locked up tight at night, but would the owls be a threat early evening as my girls are...
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    Feeding Oatmeal Hazards

    I let the oatmeal cool a bit, spread out and serve on several paper plates. I think the paper absorbs some of the liquid. Course you have to pick up the plates when they are done otherwise they will tear them up. Scrambled eggs as Kendrain has suggested work well too.
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    Parakeet grit OK for grown chickens?

    Thank you. Now I know. My girls free range for 3-6 hours a day when I am home so they probably have picked up grit in the pasture, eating bugs, and from the gardens and fields. To be on the safe side, I could always add a dish. Always learning.....thanks again.
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    Parakeet grit OK for grown chickens?

    Well, there is always something to learn here on this wonderful site. ok.....can someone please tell me the difference between grit and oyster shell? Do chickens need both? I have always had oyster shell available to my hens but never "grit". What are my hens missing?
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