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    Roundup Weedkiller and Chickens HELP!

    I have been out of the country for 3 weeks. For some strange reason a lawn service hired by our community, decided to spray Roundup around all the fencing in my backyard which is about 2 acres. This area is and has been organic and these people do not take care of it. My chicken coops are...
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    wanted Araucana/Ameracuana stock in Texas

    Looking for roos and pullets or 1yr old hens willing to pay top dollar for convenience of pick up rather than shipping.
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    wanted Araucana/Ameracuana stock

    Hi I am in Texas and am looking for breeders and 2 roosters. Dell
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    WANTED Amerucana stock

    I would like to buy Amerucanas. I am in Texas and will drive within 300 radius to pick up stock.
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