Roundup Weedkiller and Chickens HELP!


11 Years
May 12, 2008
I have been out of the country for 3 weeks. For some strange reason a lawn service hired by our community, decided to spray Roundup around all the fencing in my backyard which is about 2 acres. This area is and has been organic and these people do not take care of it. My chicken coops are back here. The smaller coop where the laying hens are was not affected. However the larger, new coop with all my young hens (3-4 months old) was sprayed around the outside fencing. I was not home when this happened so the chickens have been living this way for 2 weeks. What do I do? Are they going to be okay? Will the eggs be okay once they start laying? I am a real novice and have no idea what to look for. I have combed the internet and this site says not to let chickens around grass for 14 days where Roundup was sprayed. Too late.
Well if they've been ok for two weeks, then you're lucky. What you'll want to do is watch run-off water - puddles and the like. Disallow them access to that.

As for eggs, honestly, I'd contact the manufacturer and ask their advice. Hopefully someone on here will chime in as well.

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