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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    amazondoc; Certainly didn't mean to be argumentative. Intent is to offer my own thoughts as part of the discussion. I sincerely doubt that I will ever know everything about anything! Thanks for the other references. I do note that they generally mention calcium levels in the 3% range whereas...
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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    "The nutrients that have lower safety margins and must be fed more wisely are calcium and vitamin D3. Research in poultry shows that feeding too much calcium to birds that aren't laying eggs, and therefore using up calcium, can cause kidney disease. Calcium levels over 1.2% will cause kidney...
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    Which hen layed this egg? *UPDATED with yolk photo*

    Get ahold of your white egg layers and check the space between the pelvic bones. With an egg that size, there should be no doubt when you check the one who layed it, if the others haven't started to lay yet. Jim
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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    Quote: The flock is or was comprised of 15 that came from Meyers hatchery, and 13 that hatched from 2 dozen (actually got 27) eggs purchased from a breeder. Interesting question, but I didn't keep them separately identified. I do not show birds nor do I have an interest in joining the crowds...
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    Rescued hens and relocated to new coop @ my house...

    Quote: i disagree.....some industries force molts by withholding food for weeks and water for 3 days in order for them to produce more eggs....that's why i got chickens cause that and the cage issues are horrible Not sure what part of my post you "disagree" with! Also, forced moulting...
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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    This is not breed related, except that some breeds seem to need more protein than others. I think that would kind of make it breed related, though not necessarily restricted to a single breed. I had a dozen Delawares of the same age in with the Welsumers, and none of the Delawares were...
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    Rescued hens and relocated to new coop @ my house...

    If they were really out of food to the point it sounds, they may go into a moult immediately. If so, it might take a couple of months for you to get any eggs, but they should be fine after that. Jim
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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    Reason I asked, is because I had some that seemed to hit a growth spurt around 16 weeks (not absolutely certain about exact age), and started to act a little sore in the joints, kind of like a cornish/rock cross gets when they are growing too fast. I had to put the two biggest ones down because...
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    Do Welsummmer have leg problems?

    smsabean and becky3086; May I ask what and how you were/are feeding them when the problem started?? Thanks Jim
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    Bullying! Is this normal after two weeks??

    Unless somebody is actually bleeding, you're better off leaving things alone. Chickens are constantly scuffling and pushing their weight around but about 98% of it is shrieking, flapping wings etc. and not much real harm done. Jim
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    broody hen question

    It is VERY unlikely that the hen will accept any kind of chick after only three days of being broody. I would actually expect her to try to drive them away. Jim
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    Hens that never lay?

    Quote: Does the Poodle or the Cocker have a nice shiny coat???? Jim
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    Here are my Delaware chicks from week 1 to week 9 ( updated weekly )

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Delawares out of my 1969 American Standard of Perfection. These are to me the best paintings of the Delaware breed to have ever been done. Arthur O Shilling was one of very few poultry artist who could take there poultry paintings and make them look so real...
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    Chicken Newbie .. Showing Questions

    Call your fair office, and ask them how you can get the premium list or book. That will tell you what classes are available to show your bird in, whether 4-H or just open class etc. If you explain what you are wanting to do the folks in the office can point you in the right direction. Some of...
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    In fact I don't think I have seen "trap nest boxes" for sale in the catalogs. Kuhl Corp. sells trap fronts for their nests. Kind of spendy, and I'm not sure if they can be adapted to fit a home made or wooden nest. Also ran across some plans for building a trap nest on the internet, but I can't...
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