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    Mixed Flock or Not?

    Vinniemac!!! If you only want eggs pay CLOSE attention to the broodiness of the breed or you'll have them sitting and trying to hatch rocks if you don't give them eggs to hatch!
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    Mixed Flock or Not?

    Dunlap hatchery out of Caldwell, Id. is a good place to order chicks. One of the oldest in the nation. dldg
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    Mixed Flock or Not?

    Mixed betcha! I have mostly bantams...let's see...Amerucania, brahaman, seabrite, cochin, mixed spanish white face/cochin, mixed spanish/leghorn(NOT a preferred mix!) Mixed Amerucania/ Spanish, partridge rock, Polish. They get along because I tell them they HAVE to get along...
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    are chickens pets?

    My girls are my BABIES! They talk to me, follow me and, yes, "love" me. I am head "Roo" fearless leader, grand puba to my girlies. I tell them all my deep secrets and I know theirs. When they're hurt they come to me, if they miss me, they come to the patio door and "knock" with their beaks...
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    9 Week Partridge Plymouth Rock - pullet or cockerel??

    Hi! Just found this discussion...I have 3- 6 wk. olds and can't tell heck what sex they are. Been looking at the tail...2 are more or less pointed slightly down and 1 slightly up...does that give any clue? I have a BEAUTIFUL brown barred brown one I am hoping against hope is a girl! Any ideas?
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    Turkeys fighting?

    I decided to get turkeys and ended up with...3 males!!!! they are now 7 weeks old and raised together and MAN do they FIGHT! I just got into the fray and established MY dominance and they listen to me. They haven't really hurt each other, YET...but I'm keeping my eye on them! Hope they get...
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    where to buy Ameraucana eggs or chicks

    I live in Idaho and am looking for SOMEWHERE that will sell small quantity Ameraucana day old chicks or fertile eggs.
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    What hatchery can I get Good Polish chicks from?...thanks

    I know Dunlap Hatchery out of Caldwell, Id. ships Nationally and they have 2 types of Polish.
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    Looking for White-Faced Spanish chicks or pullets in central Fl.

    I know Dunlap hatchery out of Caldwell, Idaho ships nationally and I know they at least have bantam Spanish White Face (sometimes called clown face). Their web is
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    Chicken Hysterectomy

    Thanks so much for letting us know little hens CAN survive that surgery. My little Sebright,Missy, has to have it done. She is getting egg bound to the point that she'll die if I don't do something. Believe it or not folks, I've already spent $700 on her, $350 is sounding pretty good if it'll...
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    Brahma Thread

    Mine is 4 yrs. old and lays 5-6 days a week except winter and molt.
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    Brahma Thread

    My 4 year old bantam buff has never gone broody...she's thought about it a couple of times, but decided it seemed like too much work:)
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    Looks Like a Boy, Clucks Like a Girl?? [Lost of Photos]

    I have a chicken who has both boy and girl "parts". I really didn't know which it was until he/she started laying eggs. I named the poor confused thing Micky because it can go for a boy or a girl. Micky has a strange way of laying eggs, but "she" gets the job done. Micky acts "male-ish" for...
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    Review by '' on item 'White Faced Black Spanish'

    We have a beautiful, 4yr. old bantam Roo, Mr. Blackie LongFeathers (my young grandson named him) that is the best rooster I've ever had. There is not a mean bone in his body and he takes really good care of his flock! He is also a very good father, he will actually help the hen find food for...
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    Comment by 'dlgd' in item 'Old English Game Bantam'

    I only had one a perky little Roo who LOVED the girls! He was a beautiful, sweet little guy who actually "sang" to the ladies to "woo" them, and "woo" them he did! We actually named him Casanova for his "tendencies"! Our little guy was abandoned by his original owner and he was blinded in one...
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