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    Old English Games are the most belligerent birds on earth!

    Here they are trying to stay up way past their bedtime...on top of a six foot fence of course!
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    introducing bantam pullets to my full size hens.

    My Old english game bantamss are 7 weeks old, even though they are a 1/4 the size of my Rhode islands I think it's time they joined the main flock. In the past I've snuck the birds out at night and set them on the perch with the other girls and it seemed to work. I'm nervous due to the huge size...
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    Pics of my 3 my Old English Hens

    Only one is crowing. I'm crossing my fingers that the rest are girls.
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    Pics of my 3 my Old English Hens

    Yes they are very friendly. They are in our garage right next to the kitchen door,which we keep open most of the day so they are always watching what were're doing and chatting away.
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    Pics of my 3 my Old English Hens

    At my local feed store. They are a straight run and I think at least one is a rooster. Which is a pain because I'll have to give him away.
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    Pics of my 3 my Old English Hens

    They will be 5 weeks old this Tuesday.
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    Picks of some teenage birds and a good looking rooster.

    The pics below are Rhode Island Reds and Ameracunas.
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    Day old American Game Birds in the same Broder with older birds?

    Last Tuesday I got my first set of birds and the American Game bantams arrive at the feed store tomorrow. Is 1.5 weeks to big of an age difference to house bantams and regular chicks?
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