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    While the way you interpret it sounds as in was intended by the writer of the bylaw. My concern is how long ago was it written and whomever is in charge of enforcing the law now and how they chose to interpret it. To me it doesn't say fowl are prohibited. Other than being kept in a dwelling...
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    Can a Barred Rock lay pink eggs????

    Had Barreds some time back a few years ago. Color varied from bird to bird. Brown to pink and even light pinkish white
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    What's the temperature where you are???

    81` headed for 95 70%+ humidity and will be feeling like 105
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    2016 U.S. Election, Who Are You Voting For?

    I am doing a write in come November. The candidates currently running meet none of my expectations, desires or requirements. This election cycle is like when you are a kid and you ask your parents for a puppy. Their counter offer is a Beta fish, turtle or pet rock(for those old enough to...
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    How much do you sell your eggs for?

    When I first started I was selling for $3 but now at $4 and could sell @ $5. Went to $4 when the cost of feed rose significantly a few years back, went from buying feed at a local feed store 150 pounds to a mill. You buy a thousand pounds or more the cost goes down dramatically. At around $10...
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    How much do you sell your eggs for?

    Store eggs no matter how they are labeled are nowhere near the quality of fresh eggs from roadside stands, farms or the backyard hobby hen. All that wording means nothing, "all natural" "organic", "free range" "cage free' "humanely raised" means they meet a certain criteria not necessarily what...
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    What are the laws/regulations for selling table eggs (for consumption) in your state/country?

    Here are the Mass regs: 5.03: Quality Grades for Eggs Sold (1) Requirements (a) All eggs for sale at retail in the Commonwealth shall be grade AA, A, B, or not graded and shall be in containers so marked or branded, with letters not less than three-eighths of an inch in height. (b) Any...
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    Back from the ER...

    I share your pain. I fractured my elbow last week when I tripped and fell coming on dusk. Here's the kicker, I was carrying my knuckle headed rooster to the side door on coop#2 because he just couldn't grasp the concept to go in at night . Now he finally does, he is in the coop and I am in a...
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    how many Eggs you get today

    I do not want to talk about it.
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    starving birds?

    How old are they?
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    How to save money on chicken feed?

    You can also divide the number of eggs in that 30 day period in to the volume of feed used( if a fifty bag lasted 30 days). That would give you cost per egg. The cost obviously will vary pending the amount of eggs you are getting pending on time of year. Production drops off in the winter so the...
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    Problem hen! Little helpful advice please!

    Like chickens you raise them from babies, feed them house and care for them but that being said you can get more for a teenage chicken than you can for a teenage child. And chickens give back just about every day. You feed and water them you get an egg. A teenager, got to pry them out of bed and...
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    Am I crazy for considering keeping a Rooster around Toddlers?

    Pretty sound advice from all the posters. But remember all roosters are different and will all have different behavior patterns. If he squares off with you he will most likely square off with a child. You have to monitor their typical behavior and make a judgement call. I used to have a white...
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    Deer Depopulation Methods

    I don't believe that there is any one correct answer. Even a multi pronged approach might not suffice. While contraception and spaying may help the problem short term as older deer eventually die or killed by car or hunter and new ones will move in to take their range. Then you have to start the...
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    A new link to the chickens ancestors

    Just imagine the size of the eggs. "You're going need a bigger box".
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