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    My little Indian runners

    That is too cute! Enjoy your babies!
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    How do we get them to go in the coop at night?

    For me, FOOD is the golden ticket to get my ducks inside. I know some don’t like to keep food and water inside overnight and I agree it does make a mess, but (this time of year) they all line up like little soldiers at exactly 5:00 outside the duck house. Food crumble, peas, dried mealworms...
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    Getting ducks

    Congrats on getting your ducks! I do agree with less drakes...or many more girls. I had 4 drakes to 2 girls once. In their first mating season it was an absolute disaster. And the girls can get harmed by too much amorous attention. I have 5 Welsh girls, they are really incredibly sweet.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    Whew! The duckies survived last night’s frigid cold just fine! I had somewhat of a sleepless night. I know our friends in the north have it worse than here, so I hope everyone got through the cold okay. There were flecks of ice crystals inside the house on the walls. Looks like I’m going to...
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    I’m also nail-biting for the next few hours here in Ohio. Not as cold in Vermont, but will get a low of 4 degrees tonight. Lots of clean dry straw and water heater. When I took my dog out a few minutes ago, I noticed ice crystals forming inside the duck house windows. I adjusted the exhaust...
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    happy valentine’s day from the ducks!

    Absolutely adorable!
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    How often do ducks need water to swim in?

    They might really enjoy a kiddie pool.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    Lol, I would wish for rain over freezing snow, but I guess the grass is always greener.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    I’ll spend all day worrying about them although I know they’ll be fine.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    It’s 30 here now, tomorrow and most of Saturday will be 10 degrees. Coldest days here this winter.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    My yard is also one big mud pit...the duckies love it! So does my fluffy dog. Arrrgh.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    I’m good at that too!!
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    Help id these duck

    These are beautiful ducks! I agree with the others...khaki, male welshie and Pekin.
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    Anyone sick of winter?

    I’m soooo ready for Spring. Although it’s mild here today, we still have a lot of snow and ice. Duckies’ pond is solidly frozen so I’ve been lugging 20+ gallons of water daily from my basement to their house and kiddie pool. Thinking of getting a heated hose...they’re kinda pricey though. Has...
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    Sick Duck

    Sounds like an infection. Can you get him to a vet?
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