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    Short-Leg × Short-Leg??

    I know this post is old, but just in case anyone looks it up for info: this is not a recessive gene. It's a dominant double-lethal gene. Recessive genes don't express at all with only one copy. Dominant genes do.
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    The cock that lays eggs... intersex chicken?

    Can I ask how this turned out? Seems like a really interesting case and I'd love to know.
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    Hen crowing?

    If it helps, she's the spitting image of my old polish hen who used to lay eggs and crow. That crest says hen to me. I'd just wait and see.
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    Five week old black copper maran

    Aww, that's such a shame! Same problem here. No roosters allowed, or we'd just keep him.
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    Five week old black copper maran

    That's so disappointing, but thank you! I'm giving him another week to be really sure, but have a potential person lined up to take him. He's got such a great little personality, which I know is not uncommon for baby roosters, but it still sucks.
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    Five week old black copper maran

    I'm really hoping to be wrong because he's a sweetheart, but he looks awfully rooish so far. Kinda just hoping to get a better sense of if there's hope in waiting or I should prepare to find him a new home. I don't have much experience with this breed. Thanks!
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    Hi! (Chick pics)

    My husband and I got two laying black Andalusians and a cochin mix earlier this year, and recently decided to expand. I wanted something more unusual, so I jumped on a couple of two month old turken bantams when somebody decided they couldn't keep them with their full size flock. The little...
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