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    BIN - Purebred BANTAM Barnevelders - SHIPPING INCLUDED!!

    Any for sale? Can you send a pic of egg color?
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    Bantam barnevelder eggs wanted

    Do you have eggs for sale?
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    LF Marans and Bantam Maran hatching eggs

    do you have any bantam marans eggs for sale?
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    WANTED: Bantam Maran Eggs

    Do you have hatching eggs for sale? My daughter wants some bantam marans.
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    Wanted: Olive egger pullet or hen

    do you have pics of the eggs the f1's laid?
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    Light Brahma Bantam Eggs

    will you have any more bantam light sussex?
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    Ancona duck hatching eggs or ducklings

    do you have any hatching eggs?
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    Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs - NPIP

    Are you selling hatching eggs still?
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    Cochin/Ameraucana Cross?

    Anyone with a cochin to cross with an ameraucana or olive egger sell hatching eggs? I am looking for some from this cross!
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    ISO Cochin crossed to Ameraucana, Olive Egger, or another colored egg layer!!!

    We want to had more Cochins to our flock, but don't want to add more tan eggs, so we are looking to buy 6-12 hatching eggs from a Large Fowl Cochin mated with an Ameraucana, or Olive Egger. Eggs will need to be shipped to Virginia 23323. Respond with pics of parents and price with shipping. Thx
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    BIN**12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs

    Will you be selling anymore hatching eggs? Even less than a dozen?
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    12+ Barnevelder hatching eggs

    Any barnevelder eggs available? Doesn't have to be a full dozen, I'm only keeping two pullets for my small flock.
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    Ancona Ducks

    Markings under the eyes and Markings on the chest should be included in your breeding as it is desired. One part color to two parts white is a general ratio to keep in mind as long as you have broken asymmetrical markings. Breeding ideal marking to ideal marking is most desirable. If you breed...
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