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  • Hey! New way of voting is pm hens rule with the people you want to vote for. Thanks :)
    Also, how ya doing?
    Thanks! (hugs) I will miss her. :(
    I really like your profile picture! they look like their lining up for a treat! :-D
    She didn't survive. :-( I suspect she has some kind of internal injury or something like that. There was a lot of blood around her lungs when I did an autopsy to try to find out what was wrong with her.
    Yes, there sure are a lot of options!
    My flock and I are doing well, and I'm getting ready to set some eggs in my incubator! So that's really exciting.
    I meant to post some chick pictures on that thread you gave me, but for some reason it wouldn't let me post, and than with my sick d'Uccle and everything, I never got a chance to try again.
    How are you today? I noticed you wanted to raise some meat birds, so I though I o=would answer you here.
    We raised cornishX broilers before, and we didn't like the taste of their meat, and they are VERY messy. I raise black sex link roosters for meat, and we really like them. (since most hatchery's can't get rid of them, you would probably get them for pretty cheap). You might want to look into freedom rangers. A lot of people I know raise them, and really like them. Hope this helps! Have a great evening!
    I'm doing good, trying to get ahead in school. Your swimming championships? If so have fun and I hope you win!
    Hey how are ya? Haven't seen you on the cool chicken chat thread lately :( How are your chickens taking the cold?
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