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    Doe and Buck Holland Lop - Pedigree! Oxford, NC

    Hi everyone I have two rabbits for sale. I realize this is a "Free Re-homing" forum but I'd figured I give it a shot. I'm asking $30 for each or $50 for both of them. Male- Blue Tort, Born: Jan. 15, 2016 Female- Broken Black Tort, Born: Jan. 6, 2016 Both of these rabbits are coming upon 4...
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    Myshire Farm?

    Yeah I love to hatch them, but I just have bad luck and always always always get more males and less females. I figured this might be easier because I know I would be getting females.
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    Myshire Farm?

    Recently found Myshire Farm and was wondering if anyone as bought quail from them. I saw you could purchase live adult quail. Anyone purchased live birds from them? If so what are your thoughts on them?
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    Jumbo and Regular Coturnix Quail

    Does anyone know if regular coturnix quail can live with jumbo brown coturnix quail? Will they fight due to size difference?
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    Laced Wyandotte Genetics

    I hatched out a few wyandotte chicks 3 days ago. First time with wyandottes. Got the eggs from a neighbor and all the hens were blue laced red wyandottes. He had two roosters one was a blue laced red and the other was a silver laced. Does anyone know what the colors of the chicks will be.
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    Day 33 no baby rabbits!

    She was sitting in the nest box this morning before I left for school hopefully she will have them when I get back!!
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    Day 33 no baby rabbits!

    Yeah I definitely will I talked to someone on another forum and she said one of her does did not kindle till day 37 and all her kits were alive.
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    Day 33 no baby rabbits!

    Well she didn’t kindle last night :( but she continues to pull more fur
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    Day 33 no baby rabbits!

    Hopefully she will kindle tonight. She’s pulled a little more fur today and she’s been in and out of the nest box today and just recently when I just checked on her there was a lot of kicking from the babies.
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    Day 33 no baby rabbits!

    Hi my doe was due Friday the 18th she has built a nest and she pulled fur and lined the nest with it. It’s unusual for her to go this late. She usually kindles the night of day 31. Anyone have any ideas of what might be going on? Shes a Holland Lop by the way.
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    Peacock shelter ideas?

    I have a 4 month old peacock and I finished his pen yesterday. I need some ideas for the shelter inside the pen. Anyone have any?
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    Quail eggs won't fit in egg turning racks!

    unfortunately I dont
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    Quail eggs won't fit in egg turning racks!

    I recently bought some coturnix quail eggs and multiple were very wide and others are really long and skinny. I have an rcom max 20 with the original quail racks. Will I have to turn by hand?
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    Cleaning incubator

    Anybody have any tips on cleaning an Rcom max 20 digital incubator?
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