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    To talk with other chicken enthusiasts, ask questions about my flock and get answers.
    When I was a teenager, bloody myself! I had a very stupid friend, as most of us did. She called me crying one day.
    "I have two baby vultures, I have no idea what to do! You know animals, come over!"

    Off I drove a tad bit confused. And I had a right to be because when I got there it was two bald-headed baby sparrows.

    I begrudgingly took them. I knew they needed a light, and some food. One of them didn't look very good. She died right away. The other was doing alright.

    Thank god It was summer break, I was up all hours playing mother bird to this sparrow chick. She was looking very good! Growing feathers and fat. I was pleased! But then I made a huge mistake.

    The mistake came in the form of my high school sweetheart. Missing hanging out with him because of my mother bird duties, I snuck him in through my window to spend the night. Nothing dirty! Just to keep me company and help out.

    I set up the chick for the night, nice warm light in a nice warm room.

    My boyfriend couldn't sleep though. The light was to brite! Then he couldn't sleep, it was too hot! So he opened the window. Cooled the room down to a comfortable 65 degrees.

    I awoke in the morning to a very sick bird. I was distraught! I never wanted to see him again! I kicked him out and told him I hated him, while crying.

    Despite all of my efforts the sparrow died. I was so sad, and angry. All my work down the drain! The unneeded suffering she faced.

    I stayed home, talking to no one for days. Until I heard a knock at the door. Ugh it was my boyfriend. He always came back no matter how much I yelled at him.

    I answered the door. My mouth held tight with anger.

    "I'm sorry." he said. Then handed me a baby chicken.

    "What am I supposed to do with this?!" I asked.

    After some arguing I took the baby. Boyfriend named her Obi Wan Kenobi. I cleaned out the sparrow cage. She was such a friendly happy chick! She ate out of my hands and loved snuggles.

    But that night I faced a new problem.

    "Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, PEEEP!"

    Holy cow! I would never sleep again!

    The next day I went to the feed store and told them my problem.

    "You have to get another one, to keep that one compny." said the fat guy in overalls.

    I begrudgingly took another chick.

    That night "Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, PEEEP, peeppeeppeeppeep, peep, peep PEEEEEEEEP!"

    Oh lord this is twice as bad. I never slept again! Well until they were old enough and used to their homes.

    I grew so much love for these girls! Obi imprinted on me, and Phyllis imprinted on Obi. They followed me around the yard, and would run up to me any time.

    Obi was definitely the most "butch" of the two. She had a bit of a testosterone problem. She grew a large comb, and let out some wimpy "crows" yet she was the first to lay an egg! A beautiful tiny thing that I loved and cherished as a gift from them for my hard work and care.

    These girls got me through some tough times. My dad sold his business, and we lost everything. They screamed at each other constantly, and drank like every drink was their last.

    But Phyllis and Obi were my solace. They always loved me, they would fly to my shoulders and comfort me, and I could disappear into their dragonfly fairy land whenever I wished.

    When Phyllis was eaten by a rogue coin I cried for days. It was all my fault. Then we had to move.

    I lost Obi to impound when neighbors called about a rooster. No matter how much I insisted she was a hen with a large comb that happens to crow, they didn't believe me. I can imagine their faces after they noticed an egg in her cage...if she got that far. I was again, devastated.

    13 years, and what seems like a lifetime later, two kids and a huge yard. I have adopted 5 new babies. They aren't as close as I was to my old girls. But I pay as much attention as I can. I am ready to raise and love again, and instil in my children the love I have for these amazing birds. This time I have more knowledge.

    But I hope to gain even more by joining this forum. And I hope you enjoyed my story of loss and love, and starting over.

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