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    Rhode Island Red bantam - Bring to Ohio National

    Limited number of pairs that can be brought to Ohio National, Columbus, in two weeks. $40-$50 a pair. Sold out.
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    Showing chickens?

    The point system, as it was known in the past, is not used anymore. Yes, the cuts are still there and it is a way of discounting one bird as opposed to another. Judging today is done by comparison. The judge working a large field, such as at the Ohio National, may have 100 birds of your...
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    Red Leakage on Blue Splash -- Correctable?

    Welcome to the world of shady poultry sales. Sheeesh. These struggles are not limited to the breed your have chosen. 80% of the sellers of birds on Ebay, Craigs, and everywhere else, are largely pawning off birds AS this or that, but are not. There's money to be had, so it's a a buyer...
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    Red Leakage on Blue Splash -- Correctable?

    First, I am not a breeder of Araucana birds, to be sure. With that on the table... However, there are traits that even I can see that show that the young cockerel is not a pure bred, standard bred Araucana. His legs are BRIGHT yellow, not willow. His beak is also bright yellow when it...
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    Red Leakage on Blue Splash -- Correctable?

    Easter Egger. Araucana with yellow shanks?
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    "Why did the APA bother to include angle of back in their breed descriptions?"

    It is a distinctive aspect of the breed's type. I wouldn't over think this. Each breed has to be identifiable when looking at a black or pure white silhouette. Color doesn't make a breed, type does. The breeds have to be distinct, downhill, swoop, sharp break, no sharp break, long and flat...
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    Showing basics questions... where, how, resources?

    Start here: There you will find all kind of resources. As you scroll down, you find a beginners learning section. Enough reading for a week. In the center, you find multiple ways to get to listings of shows near you. Search by month, by state, etc...
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    The Heritage Rhode Island Red Site

    Thanks, I'm glad if some of these posts stir some thoughts in folks, that's why we post here from time to time. The pullet behind the boy in that photo, was given to a junior and her mom after the show. I had promised her a good pullet. They took that pullet to the North Caroline Cape Fear...
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    Judge my serama cockeral please

    Here on BYC we have this Standard of the APA-ABA section specifically for Standard bread fowl. This is that SOP section. There is a hobbyist type section too, call General Breed discussions or something similar. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of Serama threads on BYC as well. Best...
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    Judge my serama cockeral please

    There's no photo attached that I can see. That's an issue, of course. Secondly, the number of folks intensively breeding and exhibiting at a high level is a bit rare here. You might have more success finding at a Serama specific site where devotees and hard core breeders hang out in...
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    Is it worth showing Chickens?

    There's no category for "rooster" when showing. You'll have to enter him as either a cockerel, a male under 13 months, or a cock, a male over 13 months. Showing is a valuable practice as it shows you fantastic other birds, discussion and networking with breeders and many objective looks at him...
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    Help with gender of these 7 week old chicks

    Red sex link cockerels would be most likely. All chickens are chickens, both males and females. When young, cockerels and pullets, when older than a year, hens and cockbirds. Passing off cockerels to be rid of them is an issue. Too bad.
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    Which Standard book to purchase

    Do you focus primarily on bantams? If so, either is fine. If you wish to breed Large fowl and/or water fowl, you'll need the APA book. It's pretty much that straight forward.
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    Should I Breed My Rooster?

    Genetic studies are fine. But, breeding birds to the Standard first requires study of the breed's characteristics to Nth degree and to the finest of points. It means training your "eye" to "see" type, type, type. This is a different and unique skill set and is best done with a mentor in the...
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