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    Ok, I may have been hasty, since the psycho sex mad cock went, the feather pecking stopped , one hen went broody and was an excellent mother and back in lay whilst still brooding at four weeks post hatch, the other two have not stopped laying even whilst moulting, lay approx four eggs a week...
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    4 wk old (Golden Penciled Hamburg?). Am I a Pullet or a Roo?

    Fabulous, you have just made me feel hopeful about my five week old camping chicks who I thought were cockerels but now not sure, thanks for sharing
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    Cream Legbars

    Well that sorts that query! Thanks for the explanation from this end too, great with the picture comparison. oh dear the naughty seller! Yep you need your money back!
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    Contest for all Single Combed Chickens!- Contest ends 10/19/18

    Pic one, this is Salvatore, one year old silver legbar cross cuckoo marans, he’s the gent who took over from James, he is calm, does not rag the hens and more importantly does not attack me ever, in fact spends a lot of time near me in the garden, he is already a dad. Pic Two this is James, a...
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    Cream Legbars

    Apart from the combs, is it the barring that defines them as cockerels? The hens having more of a duck wing colour? then I am surprised they don’t have any obvious cockerel feathering....though the middle might be suspect. I know the cockerels normally tend to be barred and the hens more of a...
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    Cream Legbars

    Only asking as whilst they would be the wrong colour they don’t appear to have any pointed feathers
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    Cream Legbars

    How old are they?
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    Help ID this plant

    Or on second thoughts and closer look, yes a flowering Japanese’s quince
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    Help ID this plant

    I Am certain it’s a plum
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    Gender?? 2 week old chicks

    Though smoky lad looks laddish
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    Gender?? 2 week old chicks

    Way too early
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    Comment by 'Freisian' in item 'Silver Sussex'

    Apart from the geography it’s great:-)
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    Chicks with weird bumps

    They are fine and healthy looking , they are just developing their feathers, well done for getting them got this stage!
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    Ground cover

    I am really impressed with this idea. I am going to do the same, thank you.
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