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    how do i train my roommate ?

    It's going to be nearly impossible for her to train the dog not to attack the chickens if it's already attacked and killed one. So I wouldn't blame your roommate for that. Just keep the dogs away from them, let her know how you feel about it - and ask her to make sure she doesn't accidentally...
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    For a dark egg layer, which would you recommend and why: Welsummer vs. Barnvelder vs. Marans

    I love my marans. They lay jumbo dark chocolate colored eggs, never go broody, and they're just as calm and relaxed as a chicken can be. The only downside is mine are huge and it costs a lot to feed them compared to my ameraucanas. I like really big chickens though so I dont mind too much . Just...
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    Baby Chick Pictures!!!!! POST!

    Ameraucana chicks fresh from the incubator!
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    yay! congrats!
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    3 have hatched so far! These weren't supposed to hatch until tomorrow but for some reason my marans always hatch a little early compared to the other breeds. Crossing my fingers that some of the silkie x ameraucana eggs hatch! Looks like there's one olive egger and two marans. I'll post pics...
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    alright. I put the eggs into lockdown today! Hatch day is Sunday :D I'll make sure to post pics and updates once they start pipping!
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    no I didn't keep any roos. I already have 3 these are just for fun, I dont plan on breeding them
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    5 more days until lockdown! I'm getting impatient I'm posted a couple weeks ago, Im incubating marans, ameraucanas, possible olive eggers, and some silkie x purebred ameraucana mixes. This is the first time Ive hatched silkie x ameraucanas, last time I did silkie x marans and they all came out...
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    BIN 12+ wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana & blue/black copper Marans eggs

    I consider the ameraucanas my line, I have been working on them for years.
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    Jan./Feb. 2014 hatch a long

    Im gonna have to join this hatchalong! I just set some eggs last night. 9 ameraucanas, 8 marans, and 7 silkie x amer or marans mixes
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