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    Boy? Do girls ever hold their tails like this?

    Look right over the tail for saddle feathers. They will be stringy and usually a bolder color than the other feathers. They come out just over the tail on the rump.
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    PLEASE HELP ME! Face being eaten? Beaks gone???? Help! GRAPHIC PICS!!!

    What about attaching the hardwire cloth with the heavy staples you hammer in? We use those. Staple guns are wimpy.
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    14 of my 15 died :(

    Been there, done that. No leash law at our old property and neighbor dogs raided often. Now, we have Livestock Guardian Dogs and I can free range and not shut birds in the coop. They let nothing in. We saw a coyote once--but only his butt. The dogs tore him in half when he didn't back off. I...
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    Consolidated Kansas

    Recipes for those cakes? I have lots of smalls!
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    Sandhill chicks coming tomorrow

    10 Egyptian Fayoumi and 10 Buff Laced Polish. They didn't have some of what I ordered so they are sending the remainder in a couple weeks with some free chicks! Yeah!
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    What's your least favorite breed?

    All red and black production type chickens. They remind me of a failed and regretful meat project. Also we have had a string of mean picky red hens. We had to pine tar the rears of most of our birds because of those picky red hens. Annoying and stinky!!
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    New chicken is gonna be dead from worms in a matter of hours! ARGH!

    Ivermectin pour on only goes on skin. Ivermectin injectible can both be injected or given orally. I'd give it orally and dust with Sevin both.
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    What age do Sebastopols get curly feathers?

    Wondering how old are Sebs when they get their curly feathers?
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    Anyone not have problems with Mites and Lice?

    Ahh I see. Wasn't sure if it was pine needles, straw, or pine shavings! Why not call it pine needles?!
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    Anyone not have problems with Mites and Lice?

    What do you mean by pine straw?
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    Anyone not have problems with Mites and Lice?

    They come in on wild birds and mice- not much can be done about that. It's not a sign of uncleanliness. Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean you don't have them either. They are very hard to see even when looking. You won't just happen to notice unless they are bad. Having to treat...
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    India offers cash incentives for girls

    We adopted a girl from India with Down Syndrome. Her odds of a good life there was 0%. She came with many neglected basic needs. She would have died of sepsis from her horribly rotten teeth and inflammed tonsils within the year. She's learning to be loved and accept love now. She was 3.5 and now...
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    Nicole, from Kansas

    In new here. From Kansas. Have a problem with poultry. I love all kinds! Currently looking for modern game bantams! Nicole
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    roo or hen?

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    Leghorn or what?

    I think the legs look too big at 6 weeks to be Leghorn. My Leghorns have really thin legs that are usually white or pink until they start laying. These are something else. I am no pro---but that's my opinion.