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    See Through Crop!? Please Help! *Solved \('u')/*

    Yup,the little piggie is eating good!:lau
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    🆘 Major wound! flystrike

    Wow! Great job sewing that up! Maggots need air to survive,so I clean,wash,dry and put the antibiotic ointment so thick nothing can live under it! But I have never dealt with a wound like that. Best of luck!
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    Thanks everyone, You guys are the best.
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    chicken attacked by dogs.

    SO sorry! I totally understand. I lost one today that was my baby. :hitI keep telling myself that I gave her the best life I could. Sounds like you did the same for your girl. Still hurts. :hugs
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    I'm so heartbroken, my little Mercury passed today. She started having problems laying eggs and nothing I did seemed to help. We would get passed one egg and the next would be worse. This was my biggest fear for her. Yesterday she was great and today gone. I know you guys will understand how...
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    Broken leg

    :flBest of luck to her, she is so pretty!
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    Broken leg

    If a vet is not an option you will have a special needs chicken,I have a few and really enjoy them. Maybe just try to keep her as quiet as possible then light exercise until healed. Homemade wheelchair might help.
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    Broken leg

    If it is not aligned then it probably won't heal well. Can you move it so its close and set it there with some vet wrap? I had one that broke her leg but it was in line and I just gave her rest in a small cage,but it took a long time to heal.
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    how many Eggs you get today

    :weeSounds like the hens are getting down to business! I only have 6 hens but 3 are older so 3 eggs a day makes me happy! My silkie hasn't laid in a long time and thats getting me worried but she is acting fine. Big surprise this week is Mercury! Two weeks from a year old and she laid her first...
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    Broken leg

    So sorry for your chick! Will she try to move her toes at all,like curl them and straighten them out? I would get her on some paper towels or puppy pads to get her good footing,shavings can be slick. Keep her area small to help keep movement down to a low level. If you can try to feel along the...
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    Splayed Leg Emergency

    :welcomeLinda sounds like a sweet heart! Maybe a wheelchair would help her balance and walk on her own. I think one could be made fairly easy with some pvc pipe and rollers with a sling seat. Some pics of her would help.
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    :hugsSo sorry for your loss. Sounds like you gave her a great life.
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    Neighbor Complaints on Kauai

    :hugsSo sorry your going through this! Crappy neighbors drive me nuts.:rantI understand your rant but don't have any advise to give you. I would absolutely not get rid of my birds when I am within the law. Maybe print out the laws regarding chickens and mail it to him.;) With the laws concerning...
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    Chicken stands on her heels and nervous about her balance

    :hugspoor girl! She could have pulled pretty hard to get loose,do you see any greenish bruising? hopefully its just really sore.
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    Duck injured by owl need help

    :hugsI think you are doing a wonderful job with him. He doesn't seem to be in to much distress. The exercise in the bath is great for him,both physically and mentally. :flHoping for a full recovery!
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