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    Old flock of laying hens has decided to be super picky. (They also stopped laying)

    Maybe it is a texture issue? My 5 yo hens prefer layer crumbles to pellets. I read somewhere that crumbles are easier for older hens to eat. Also, could their current feed be old or moldy? Maybe this is why they are ignoring it? Remember too, even though they are older, they still need a good...
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    Your Experience with Manna Pro All Flock Crumbles

    I've been searching for a 16% protein feed with little or no calcium. It has to be crumbles because that is all my spoiled girls will eat. My hens are about 5 and are not laying as they once did so they don't need the extra calcium in the layer feed (they get oyster shells free-choice). I...
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    I'll make about two tablespoons of oatmeal per hen, then mix in some of their feed. I'll add a few chopped berries and a dab of probiotic yogurt. I call this their Sunday morning parfait. They love it!
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    No more free range

    You can also offer them limited free range with supervision. I do this with our girls, especially in the winter, because we have so many hawks. I walk around the yard with them and keep watch for predators. They appreciate the time out of the run even if only for an hour a day.
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    Please Help... I'm Stumped About Hens' Chronic Loose Poo and Night Laying

    I washed and dried her bum feathers. I could smell egg so she is laying at night. Her belly felt like my other chickens' bellies. A little loose, a little firm. I haven't spent much time exploring that area so I can't say for sure if there is or isn't bloat. I'll try the Caltrate for extra calcium.
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    Please Help... I'm Stumped About Hens' Chronic Loose Poo and Night Laying

    Thank you! I'll get pictures tomorrow morning. How do you give the Caltrate? Crushed in her food? The nestbox thing is new to her. She normally roosts at night. And she's not new to egg problems, either. Last summer it was touch and go-- she'd produce healthy eggs for a day or two, then soft...
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    Please Help... I'm Stumped About Hens' Chronic Loose Poo and Night Laying

    I can't figure out what to do to help my chickens. My beautiful white Wyandotte hen (5 y.o.) has been having chronic loose poos since last summer. For the most part, the brown part is solid (sometimes a little mushy) and the white cap is runny. I had her checked for worms in August and again...
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    Help! My wife is mad at me for feeding the chickens pizza!

    Hmm. I don't think we humans should be eating these let alone chickens. Too much salt and fat.
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    Help im not sure whats wrong with my hen

    It looks like bumblefoot, which is a fairly common problem with chickens. Here is some information Bumblefoot in Chickens (
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    Bubblies coming out of chickens eye

    My Ameracauna had the same issue last summer. The bubbles were there for a few hours and then gone. She had been digging and poking around in the bushes before they appeared. Either she poked her eye or had some kind of allergic reaction. She was totally fine afterwards. I would just watch her...
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    Molt or illness??

    You could isolate her to watch more closely how much she is eating and drinking. Also, to observe her droppings. Has she stopped laying eggs? That could be the reason for the pale comb. Also, how is she acting? If she is lethargic, tucking her head or drooping her wings, she may be ill. How do...
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    Can a dog and chickens safely coexist in a small backyard?

    So my dilemma is this. I really want to adopt a dog, but I own three pet chickens I am very attached to. I worry that no matter how careful I am, any dog I adopt is going to eventually get loose and eat my chickens. Do you think dog and chicken can coexist in a small backyard? I'd love to hear...
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    Stinky Poo

    Thank you. I'll just keep watching her. She seems fine--active, drinking and eating fine. She is a little grumpy, but I think that is because she is not happy being stuck in the run. We have deep snow out there and my girls hate the snow.
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    Stinky Poo

    For the last few days my almost five year old Wyandotte has had the smelliest morning poos. They are not fecal poos, but large poos with a large white cap. Slightly loose. They almost smell like dog poo. I switched their feed on Sunday to all flock rather than layer feed because they won't lay...
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