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    Bantam with walking problem

    I dont think it is sprattle leg. He can walk pretty good at a very slow pace. But when he tries to go any faster he will fall and use his wings trying to stay up. He flops a lot before getting on his feet again. MIKE
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    Bantam with walking problem

    I bought three bantams at the feed store. dont know the breed but one has very short legs making me think he is a japanese. He has trouble walking and standing. Otherwise he seems healthy. Any suggestions of what might be wrong?
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    Ideal Poultry Shipping Question

    I had 2 dead chicks on my order. They arrived 2nd day after shipped day. I got credit for them though.
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    Ideal Poultry Shipping Question

    Did you order 6 different breeds? Im assuming that what the 6.00 charge is for.
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    Ideal Poultry Shipping Question

    A small box is anything less than a full box of 100. There is a 7.00 charcg for less than one box and a 1.00 charge per breed. Shipping for some states or zip codes is the .15 per chick. I ordered 11 chicks divided into 5 different breeds so I paid 5.00 . I am in Arkansas so the...
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    Post if you have chicks right now and/or waiting for some.

    I received my first order from Ideal about two weeks ago. 5 golden laced wyandottes st. run 5 silver laced wyandottes st. run 5 new hampshire reds st. run 5 golden sex link pullets Have ordered 1 silver phoenix male 4 light brahma st run 4 blus hamburg st run 1 red yokohama male 1 silver...
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    Magnolia ,Arkansas wanted bantams

    thanks for answering. Do you ship and what do you charge for your chicks?
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    Magnolia ,Arkansas wanted bantams

    I am looking for a few bantams either Japanese or old English if anyone has any close by. Thanks Michael
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    Someone gotta warn us Newbies that chicks sleep like THIS:

    I was born and raised on a farm in south arkansas and never have i seen a chick sleep like that. Mama would buy babies sometimes and they would huddle and squat but never lay prone. If i saw one like that i would have sworn it was dead...
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    Build a nestbox and they will come.....

    I have three hens and four boxes and only one lays in the box. The other two lay on the floor or on the ground.
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    Jumbo weird egg laying killing chicken?

    I have one buff orpington and i think she is the one laying double yokes on occasion. One of them was slightly wrinkled on one end. When I was a kid on the farm we would get a double once in a while but not as big as the ones i have gotten. My hen is ok though. I did wonder at the time how she...
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    chick order from Ideal

    I want to order 25 to 30 chicks but would like to increase the order so the shipping would be less.
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    chick order from Ideal

    I am looking for someone to share an order from Ideal pretty soon. I am located near Magnolia, Arkansas about 10 miles from Springhill, La. If anyone close is interested please let me know.
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    I feel like being random....

    Hi Kim. hows it going? Im just over the La. line in Arkansas. Magnolia
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