Bantam with walking problem


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Dec 14, 2008
I bought three bantams at the feed store. dont know the breed but one has very short legs making me think he is a japanese. He has trouble walking and standing. Otherwise he seems healthy. Any suggestions of what might be wrong?

Wouldn't want to venture a guess as to the etiology, but the result of whatever is causing this is probably spraddle leg.

Mechanical intervention is most often used. This can include using bandaids/placing chick in cup so the wt. is off its legs/using small section of soft foam to form a prothesis (fit around both legs above the ankles so that legs are held in place.

You might consider giving the little guy three drops of polyvisol enfamil vitamins (without iron) a day for a week and taper off.

Don't know how severe you chooks condition but here is a link to band aid treatment:

Many chicks with this problem make out ok if the effort is made to correct it early on.

Good luck!
I dont think it is sprattle leg. He can walk pretty good at a very slow pace. But when he tries to go any faster he will fall and use his wings trying to stay up. He flops a lot before getting on his feet again. MIKE
Could be an injury or some other defect. If you have an area where you can keep it relatively inactive (not running/flying - actually it's just the landing that is the problem) and try the vitamins, it might well improve.

Good luck!

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