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    Hatch along 2015

    Ughhh! I wish I was incubating emus this year! So jealous! LOL! There's something wonderfully addicting about incubating them! And raising them... aww, emus are just addicting all around! Good luck everyone!!!
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    Goats +emus ?????

    You could probably raise a year old OR older emu with some goats... I wouldn't do younger than a year (they are too springy lol and have strict diet requirements). My mother in law's goat and my emus share a fence line, and at first they were spooked by each other, but now they follow each other...
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    Heritage Turkey Hens - Assorted Breeds -Central NY

    Hi BYC! I have five turkey hens for sale! $75 takes them all and I will throw in a copy of Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys! The two oldest hens are a year and a half old... they've been bred and are excellent layers. They began laying in February and continued to the end of September. The...
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    When do I slaughter my turkey?

    I let the bird rest a few days after slaughter, usually 4-5 days. So this Sunday, we're slaughtering our three birds for us and friends. They'll be nice and fresh for Thanksgiving day... and no need to unthaw! After processing, we put them into an oven bag, put the oven bag on a cookie sheet (in...
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    Flock Rotation Management of Heritage Turkey's

    I think I can answer some of these! But I work in very small numbers and this spring was pretty rough. 1. How long the hens are kept for? I would keep them as long as they are productive and healthy. My oldest hen was almost 2 before she died... stupid blackhead (she is my avatar pic). 2...
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    A turkey .... a pea ....or a turkpea ???

    Whoa! It looks like a turkey emu!!! So cute! I don't have much experience with peafowl... it does kind of resemble a turkey but... not entirely. It has no caruncles (even hens have them), no dewlap and no snood. Eyes are kind of big, ears are kind of small and the beak is a little bit more...
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    Emu housing and can they see at night?

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    Plymouth Barred Rock Hens--Canandaigua NY

    I have someone coming by to take a look at them... if she decides to pass, I will let you know! Thanks
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    Emu housing and can they see at night?

    I think they can see a little bit. I think they hear very well... when I check up on them at about 9 pm, they whistle and peep at me and we have little conversations. But they don't get up and come over to see me. I wish I had more help, mine won't use their little house either!! They sleep...
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    Plymouth Barred Rock Hens--Canandaigua NY

    ***The price of $25 is for all 7 hens (rooster is optional/free, I understand not everyone wants one/can have one).*** Hi BYC!I have 7 hens and 1 rooster who need a new home! They are about 8 months old and were bought as chicks from Tractor Supply this last spring. They are very hardy--this...
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    not sure if my Emu broke his leg

    Yes! That was very very helpful! Sorry for all of the questions, lol. I don't want to medicate them for travelling, but I wasn't sure if it helped. My girls tend to freak out over the slightest change of scenery, so I worry about when the day comes where we get to move... prolly in 2 years or...
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    turkey diet/ preparing for thanksgiving advice ?

    You won't be disappointed! They're beyond juicy, tender and flavorful!!! Good luck!
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    Turkey questions

    This year, we're doing some 'eggsperiments' with the turkey and chicken eggs... I've frozen some (I broke them and put them in some Ziplocks into the freezer) and more old-fashioned methods, like leaving them unwashed at room temp and below, some have been rubbed down with mineral oil, some not...
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    turkey diet/ preparing for thanksgiving advice ?

    Cracked corn is high in sugar and will help fatten them a bit, but I personally don't offer it to my birds. I look for ways to up their protein by offering black oil sunflower seeds (like for wild birds) and cooked egg yolks. Those items help with other things, too, so I figure why not. They...
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    Turkey questions

    I hear Bourbons are good all around: calm temperaments, clean up nicely for the table, decent growth rate. I haven't personally had them (I've had Spanish Blacks, Narragansett and Standard Bronze) but they seem quite popular. We have long winters... my girls don't start laying until late March...
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