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Plymouth Barred Rock Hens--Canandaigua NY

Discussion in 'Chickens 8 Weeks & Older' started by Haida, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Haida

    Haida Chirping

    Sep 12, 2013
    Western NY
    ***The price of $25 is for all 7 hens (rooster is optional/free, I understand not everyone wants one/can have one).***

    Hi BYC!I have 7 hens and 1 rooster who need a new home! They are about 8 months old and were bought as chicks from Tractor Supply this last spring. They are very hardy--this cold weather doesn't slow them down at all--they lay eggs like crazy! I get 5-7 eggs a day! They are extremely friendly and don't mind being handled and will follow you around wherever you go. They were wormed with Wazine in the beginning of October (no signs of worms, I worm everyone in the spring and fall as a preventative). They are all over the "pullet egg" stage and lay very consistent, beautiful, big brown eggs.

    They are not free range, but have a very ample run. They only receive veggies/fruit/plant matter and rarely bread as treats... they love sunflower seeds. I am a bit of a drill sergeant about my birds' diets. ;)

    I also have a rooster, whom is a very good rooster to his ladies, but he can be a bit aggressive towards people from time to time. I've had a lot of luck using the "carry him around under your arm for a while" method (I can demonstrate this to interested parties).

    I will give you whatever food I have as well as their oyster shell (I think I have about 20 lbs of it left). Local pick up only, or I will drive a short distance... I am located outside of Canandaigua, NY. Thanks for looking!

    (Pics are when they were about 6 mo. old, but I can get new ones!)
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  2. Dave Domeracki

    Dave Domeracki Hatching

    Nov 13, 2014
    Hi if the seven chickens are still for sale I am interested call Dave 203 556-0822
  3. hammytammy

    hammytammy Chirping

    May 23, 2014
    Windsor NY

    your work is the most imaginative and creative it think i have EVER seen.
    how lucky you are to be able to self-express like this!![​IMG]

  4. TeamDavison

    TeamDavison In the Brooder

    Apr 2, 2012
    any of these still available?
  5. Haida

    Haida Chirping

    Sep 12, 2013
    Western NY
    I have someone coming by to take a look at them... if she decides to pass, I will let you know!

  6. Heidi Simmons

    Heidi Simmons Hatching

    Jan 14, 2016
    I am looking for some (about 5) young Barred Rock hens and saw this ad--are they still for sale?

    Thank you,


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