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    MItes and Permethrin Powder

    My girls have a bad infestation of northern mites. I had been having good luck reducing the numbers by using oil of oregano. I would put a drop on their backs about once a week. I also cleaned the coop really well and sprayed it down with a solution of the oil and water with vinegar. I...
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    Post pics of your chicks thread!!!

    Ahhhh! So darn adorable!
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    Silkie Hatch-A-Long

    It's hatch day for me! One egg had a pip when I left for work this morning so now just a few more antsy hours at the office before I get to head home to an incubator full of fluffy little silkies (hopefully)! Now let's see what I can do to not go crazy with excitement till then lol!
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    Silkie Hatch-A-Long

    Thanks for echoing my excitement lol! In my first incubator I've got 14 silkie eggs, a mix of red and splash and in my second incubator (due to hatch the following week) I've got a dozen Coturnix quail eggs. I am going to be over run with babies soon!
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    Silkie Hatch-A-Long

    Eek sounds dreadful! Keep warm! If the storm lets up you better get out there and snap some pictures for all of us!
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    Silkie Hatch-A-Long

    My silkie eggs go into lock down tomorrow and I am so excited!!! Anyone else have some babies about to hatch?
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    all who are hatching quail

    Whoa!!! That's a lot of quail! And here I was all proud to be in the midst of my second hatch of 12.
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    Silkie Hatch-A-Long

    Hey everyone! Love to see other silkie lovers! This is my first all silkie hatch! I set 14 splash and red silkie eggs on Feb 19th. All the eggs were shipped from My Pet Chicken and since ordering I've read some really bad reviews of their hatching eggs so I'm not expecting a great hatch. I...
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    eggs & meat

    Quail eggs are just like chicken eggs to me. I even bake with them! It takes quite a few to equal a normal chicken egg though lol!
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    lol Do anybody else's birds do this?

    Yeah I'm with everyone else. Totally normal, happy, relaxed, and dust bathing type behavior. If they're doing it all the time and have their mouths open and it's hot out overheating could be a possibility too.
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    Hello from a newbie and a quick question

    It's pretty normal to see a slight spike in humidity when you first put eggs in but it usually goes back to the lower test range after a bit. If it doesn't do this on it's own you might have a cracked egg. That's just my experience though.
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    My Quail are loosing feathers? Necks are ruffled up? HELP PICTURES ADDED

    It sounds to me like your quail are just starting to mate. Male quail will grab onto feathers on the backs of the females while they mate and pull out some feathers sometimes. it's normal for them to be missing feathers but watch out if they are bleeding at all. Males who do that need more...
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    Can I incubate double yoke eggs?

    Hey everyone just wondering what to do... I have a Coturnix hen that seems to only laying double yoke eggs. I'm just about to start my second quail hatch as I'm just getting started with them and would really like to hatch her eggs to help with the genetic diversity of my flock. Can twins...
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    all who are hatching quail

    Woot! So glad this story had a happy ending! Assisted hatching is so tricky, good job!
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