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    Hello from Indiana!!!

    Hello from in the middle of Chickens in Northern Indiana :lol:You will need more chickens
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    I hunt and I knit My son got his first deer last season and is really proud of his ground hog he shot out by the coop
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    Opinions on Stand Mixers

    Don't worry about it, I am sure you'll like it. It is still better than a regular mixer just not what I thought it would be. Also remember to use the splash shield too because otherwise all over the kitchen.
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    Opinions on Stand Mixers

    About 15+ years ago my parents bought me the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that is the regular kind (artisan) not the professional and I have made countless things in it from mashed potatoes to yeast breads. I have most of the attachements-grinders, shredders, etc. I LOVED it to pieces so I dropped...
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    Pool---- Yes or No

    We love the pool. We always open ourselves and then pay a service to close it. If you put an ionizer on it will cut chemical use. What was a real PITA was the 'SPA', because of the higher temp it ate chemicals even with an ionizer. And if it got out of balance watch out!!
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    Doctor Who? Torchwood?

    I've watched Dr. Who since Tom Baker and now my kids watch with me. I like Tennet and was sad to see him go. Did any of you catch him on Graham Norton where they did the fake Tardis?
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    Do all pickled eggs have to be stored in the fridge?

    I have canned some in a water bath myself and ate them. However, reading in different books there are differing opinions on storing them. I made sure I used a recipe with a lot of vinegar. I think you should have really good luck with quail eggs because they are so much smaller
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    Indiana folks join in....

    This is the first I've seen this thread. I'm from Northern Indiana and I have: Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, One Columbian Wyandotte, 30 new mutt chicks (hatched last weekend), 24 other mutts in the bator, 6 Pekins, 4 Rouen and 4 Cornish Cross that are about to meet with the plucker. I...
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    Whatever happened to truth in advertising???

    You know it isn't surprising given the company. We bought one of the big slides they make and so did my BIL both slides rotted the first year and those stupid things aren't cheap. Bad company!
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    June 7 & 10 hatch date - Update

    Yeah for all the chicks hatched and for all that were quitters. All my chicks seem to be doing pretty good they are feisty! I will need to move them from the rubber maid tub to the big brooder this weekend.
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    Whatdo you do with exess eggs?

    rebbetzin-that label is awesome!!! With extra eggs I give away to people I know or I look up recipes that are egg heavy like sponge cake
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    June 7 & 10 hatch date - Update

    Wow.. Is anyone else excited to hatch again?!?!?! I think I might have an addiction
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    June 7 & 10 hatch date - Update

    Yea Simply!! Dulcy-isn't peeping eggs the coolest thing?
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    June 7 & 10 hatch date - Update

    great news PATTY!! Post some pics of the fuzzbutts I disposed of the last egg in my bator yesterday, did a egg looksee and it was dead so didn't feel so bad. Pretty good hatch over all
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    It's raining do I let the chickens out?

    I just leave the door open when it rains and then they can choose to go out or not. They really love to run out between rain showers and find the nice juicy worms that have come to the surface
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