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    Cotton Patch Geese

    Cotton Patch Geese from stock originally from Tom Walker. Solid females. Two males, four females from 2012 spring hatch. NPIP flock, kept on grass and some grain. Will sell as individuals or trios. Possible discount for all six.
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    (Yet another) pls help id these 'scovy ducklings

    So, mixed flock of Appleyards & Scovies, with both drakes (AY & Scovy) chasing anything with feathers. One muscovy started setting, but I can not say that all of her clutch were her eggs. She sat on nine, hatched four, and I found two eggs with dead ducklings in them (I was unforunately out of...
  3. Baby ducklings

    Baby ducklings

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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    PAchickenlover - if you contact me offlist, (private message) we might be able to work something out. I'm in NC, which I know is not PA, but is at least on the East Coast.
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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    Here is a picture of (some) of the lot - And another shot... Nine total, all tottering after Mom1 & Mom2 & Dad1 & Dad2, who are hysterically tense over the whole thing.
  6. New babies!

    New babies!

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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    I HAVE GOSLINGS! Blackhill, you raise up good geese, because even though I think I did nearly everything not right, it seems I have nine goslings from the two girls! I am not home, so I don't have pictures, and I have no idea what the genders are, but my goose sitter reports that five...
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    Is my goose not getting better.

    My apologies, I assumed you were eating the eggs, selling the eggs, and/or putting the older birds & roosters into the stewpot - or were transferring the offspring to someone who might do any of the above to the birds. The restriction still applies to food animal species, of which chickens...
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    Is my goose not getting better.

    I bet that Baytril has been very effective in clearing up infections. It is an extremely good antibiotic and it is for that reason that it is not allowed to be used in food animals - because of the fear that this will decrease the utility of related drugs in humans. Even in exotic pet birds...
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    Is my goose not getting better.

    Baytril is a high-powered antibiotic that is not for use in poultry. One should not ask a vet for this drug, and one should not use it in geese, ducks, or chickens.
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    Please help a sick baby

    I'd second the suggestion to find a vet.
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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    Heh. Right now, they've got more than would fit under a trio of broody hens. But my 'scovie has definately decided that she is going to set, so my plan is to check the goose eggs for fertility & shift some under the 'Scovie. (If I recall correctly, that's about 5 goose eggs, yes?) I'm also...
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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    Okay - update - Twelve eggs in the nest, including now five "outside". And one or the other of the girls is just about always on the nest. Thoughts on getting an incubator running now, and trying to pull the "outside" eggs & incubating them? Thoughts on pulling them and putting them under...
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    Anyone's Cotton Patch Geese laying?

    Okay, I need some suggestions/advice, please... So the girls are now laying. Thirteen eggs total, including the three in the frig. No steady sitting, yet, although I have seen one of the girls sitting on the nest early in the morning and more frequenlty and consitantly over the last couple...
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