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    I released the pigeons

    You are so lucky you got the bird back. They flew away too far, and the one that got injured could have broken its neck, or been killed by animals. Can I suggest you train them to return to the coop when called. You need to ration their feed, and only feed 1 time a day. At feeding time...
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    Homing Pigeon FIRSTS!

    Here are some one mine. They are super tame, and eat out of my hand, come when called, and even let me pet them, so don't be worried having more then one bird will mean they don't get tame.
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    Homing Pigeon FIRSTS!

    Please get your pigeon a mate. It can be a same sex couple if you don't want babies. If you keep him alone you will loose it... because it will want to find a mate and in the end fly away to look for one! Keeping 2 is not any harder then 2. They will also get just as tame with you. Also 2...
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    Do I need to get a permit. Can I keep with Quail.

    Do not keep them with quails. They need different feed, different housing, perching and care. Please do not catch wild birds. I doubt that is legal to catch them live and cage them, and even if it was legal, I think most people would think it very unethical and a cruel thing to do.
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    What breeds could I keep as pets? (Pigeons and Doves)

    I kept and bred zebra doves for many years... pedigree ones used in the bird singing competitions. I must have bred more than 100 of them. They are beautiful birds, with the patterning and light pink / orange colour on their breasts. I found they were tamer by nature and calmer than my...
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    What breeds could I keep as pets? (Pigeons and Doves)

    It is quite possible to keep all those doves and pigeons as captive birds. I have kepts a few more unusual species myself over the years, however, the more exotic species need special care... such as They can not be free flown, They need large natural planted aviaries to feel happy and...
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    How to teach a ringneck dove to fly free?

    These birds are not suitable to free fly. They lack the homing instincts of homing pigeons. They are also so domesticated and far removed from their wild relatives, that they have lost their instincts to know and escape dangers. It would just placidly sit on the floor while a cat walked up to...
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    My young birds are messing me about!!!

    Yes, I think you are right about the feeding. How much feed do you recommend I give each bird? I currently started feeding once a day in the late afternoon when I call the birds back into the coop. I put the feeder down and let them eat till they are full and fly up to their perches, then I...
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    My young birds are messing me about!!!

    The birds are white homers. I have kept them for many years and breed a few each year They are all born in my coop. I find I don't have to train them because they quickly learn off their parents and the other pigeons. They leave the coop when they are able to fly on their own, they simply...
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    The pigeons won't sit!

    Yes, you can feed the eggs to the lizard if you replace the real eggs with fake for the pigeon pair. I thought you meant you were just going to keep taking eggs as the pigeon laid them... which would make her keep laying eggs and make her ill. You can even eat the eggs yourself. I used to...
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    My young birds are messing me about!!!

    They are being really stubborn and refusing to go back into the loft after free flying. They prefer to spend the night on the house roof! I have 4 that are doing this. I am used to the young birds taking a bit of time to train to trap, but this year they are worse than ever. I cut the feed...
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    The pigeons won't sit!

    Agree with 'trahana', let them lay their eggs, then put the eggs under another pair to hatch. If you hatch out the chick in an incubator you are likely going to end up having to pigeons to raise it, because they have to be at the right stage in their breeding cycle to accept and feed squabs...
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    Love and Pigeons (movie / film).

    I randomly came across this 1980's Russian film as it came up in my suggesting viewing on You Tube.… 'Love and Pigeons'. It has some nice pigeons (fantails, rollers, high flyers) in it.. and an interesting pigeon house owned by the main character. Nice shots of the birds flying and...
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    Injured pigeon?

    Poor baby!! Looks like it flew into something and caught its wing 'elbow' as it did it... telephone wires are a common cause of this kind of thing. It's a good sign that it can still fly a bit... suggest nothing is broken seriously or dislocated. I would like to advise you that if the birds...
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    How do you keep a dovecote clean?

    Is it a traditional kind of ornamental dovecote on a pole? I had one like that. I made a plant bed in and shape of a circle around the base of the dovecote... wider than the dove house, so all their poop fell onto the soil. It looked neat and tidy, and I put edging stones around the outside...
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