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  1. Jennspeepss Little Suburban Chicken Coop

    Jennspeepss Little Suburban Chicken Coop

    Welcome to our little suburban coop! We've got 3 standard chickens and a banty cochin. From left they are Nugget, Dumpling, Gwen, and Tribble. The coop is tucked into the previously unused side yard that's just 5.5 feet wide. You can see how close our house is to the neighbors' house...
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    ~Which dress do I look best in? ~ NEW POLL

    I think you could find a dress that flattered your figure better than any of these does.
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    Injured Sizzle chick, HELP!

    She sounds shocked to me. I had something similar happen with a 3-week-old BO chick a year ago. She ran under my foot and it scraped off some scales. It puffed up and bled but wasn't broken. I treated her with bacitracin and bandages and kept a close eye on her. A few weeks later I couldn't...
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    Chronic weak egg problem (thin shells, or no shells). How to fix??

    Wow. This sounds exactly like Gwen, our BSL alpha hen who started laying shell-less eggs after breaking a toe and dealing with a subsequent infection about 2 months ago. Thanks - great post!
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    Got a girl with a limp

    Our RIR mounts the other hens & you're right about the dominance. Keep an eye on the hen to see if she heals. If not, you may have to find a way to isolate her.
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    crop injury--- maybe rupterted???? help

    Try giving her a mash made of wetted food & in small quantities. If she's injured she'll need food to heal. A mash shouldn't have sharp edges to further enlarge the hole. Keep an eye out for infections & be prepared to treat her if necessary with antibiotics. You can get them at any feed...
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    Lice ~ where does it come from and what is the best treatment?

    I'd stick w/ the Sevin dust (though this other sounds effective as well). I've dealt with lice & mites - which are shed from wild birds - before without any real incidents. We did have a BR who died last year b/c of a combination of internal parasites and mites. She was too far gone by the...
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    Help with Bumblefoot...

    There are lots and LOTS of posts about bumblefoot. From what I could tell, your hen does have it. As for the head, that's probably a result of pecking. One of our BA got like that and is fine now that she's older, though the feathers haven't grown back. She lays massive eggs, which is great.
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    Cracked egg, please help!

    You can use candle wax on the crack to hold it together. Good luck!
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    Prolapse: 1) how long to heal? & 2) confine to dark room?

    Hi all, been absent for a long time but popping in with a question. We've got 2 polish who lay enormous eggs: ~58g (roughly the same as our BR and BA!). This is Beaker's egg on the right: I noticed last weekend that Beaker had a mild prolapse. It's about the size of a small grape. We've...
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    Two years later, we replaced our old coop with a new one

    We became chicken tenders (heh) about 2 years ago with a wee flock of 3. That flock now numbers 9. Whoops! Old coop: New coop: I was cranky on the day I...
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    How do you make a profit selling eating eggs?

    We just spent about $800 on building a brand new coop: (I was in a cranky mood when I wrote that). Hubbie figured out that the 9 girls will have to lay 200 dozen eggs in order to pay us back. I sell eggs for...
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    Why do they do this?

    My cochin is virtually silent except for when she's laid an egg, which is about every other day. The Polish are neurotic screechers. The Buff Orp just walks about going "brrrraaawk" all the time. BAs are VERY chatty. The rest are occasional cluckers, though the BSL makes a heck of a lot of...
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    I want the nest your in !

    One time I heard a lot of scrabbling & clucking in the nesting boxes. Opened the door to find this: The nesting box right next to this was... you guessed it... empty.
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