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    I now have 4 Silkie chicks nearly 10 weeks old to add to my brood. 2 black 1 white 1 brown &...

    I now have 4 Silkie chicks nearly 10 weeks old to add to my brood. 2 black 1 white 1 brown & cream. We are having a big heat wave in Western Australia so I've had to move them to the air/con garage along with my Quails. I have a new Silkie cottage and yard (it's like a large kids cubby) with...
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    heat wave this week

    I have the same problem heat wave in western australia!!! I've resorted to putting my silkies and quail in my air/con garage to keep them safe. My chooks are still in the chook run and I've been hosing water into their areas which are quite large. Hate the heat worry of bush fires too.
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    My new baby Silkie chicks

    I have just collected 4 beautiful Silkie chicks newly hatched. They are adorable I have 1 black with a pompom already, a white one and 2 with a mix of color. I have wanted some silkies for ages but are hard to find but got lucky today. Of course hoping 3 of them are hens? they have settled...
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    Is my goat pregnant?

    Hi Going by the photos she's not pregnant I've bred nubians for years and your goat looks normal if pregnant and due to kid her udder should be much bigger and have milk (colostrum)
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    Quails for Sale

    I have sold 2 of my Tuxedo male quails and have 1 left if I don't sell him I will get him some hens.
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    Quails for Sale

    I have some Male Jumbo Quails available. 3 Tuxedos and 1 White very young I incubated these 8 weeks ago. They are already mating the females Only selling these as I have more males than females. I am in Western Australia north of Perth. $18,00 ea.
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    Female quail noises

    Yes that's right, I seem to have 3 males and 3 females they are hassling the females and I was thinking of taking 2 males out into another cage.
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    Female quail noises

    I know the male quail have a crowing style call does the female quail make any other noises besides the cricket sounds.
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    Male Tuxedo Jumbo Quail for sale

    I have a 6 week old male Quail for sale he is a very nice Tuxedo. $20 Available for pick up in Muchea Western Australia. He is already mating the females.
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    New Chicks

    I decided to try incubating hen eggs after such a good outcome with my quails. I put 7 eggs in and 2 hatched on day 21 I think one is part bantam and the other a normal looking chick. I didn't candle the eggs so on day 23 I checked the others and none were fertile, two is better than none...
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    I did send message about my 7 baby quail that hatched out of 10. I might not be on the correct forum? They are all doing well about 6 days old eating and drinking I did post some photos but will take some more shortly
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    Quail hatched

    News flash I have 7 baby Quails hatched from day 17 to day 20 One quail had died in the shell and I have 2 more to hatch but not hopeful. One quail has weird feet it scoots around but its feet are a bit claw like maybe squashed in the shell. I'm doing physio on them I hope it will right...
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    Quail hatched

    Here is 2 of the five hatched so far.
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    Quail hatched

    Hard to take photo through the incubator better ones coming
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    Quail hatched

    Thank you for your advice. I still only had 1 hatched at 11pm, this morning 3 more have hatched between 7.30 and 10am. I'm so happy to have 4 they are tiny. Still hoping the remaining 7 will hatch it's day 18 so still hopeful. The 1st one is like the road runner...... very active and jumping...
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