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    Getting Picked On

    I got 8 RoadIsland/New Hamp mix hens - they are around a year old and doing good with one exception - there are two hens that keep picking on one other hen - the one that they pick on was always a kind of loner - the others would be doing something but this hen would often be by itself - the...
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    Where to get fresh grass cuttings/clippings?

    Can't your chickens get impacted crop from grass clippings
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    Where to get fresh grass cuttings/clippings?

    Can't your chickens get impacted crop from grass clippings
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    Storing eggs

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    Storing eggs

    I have watched people put unwashed eggs in a container filled with pickeling lime and store them for long periods of time - each time it appears that they are using large glass containers to put the eggs in - I buy pretzels that come in large plastic containers - I was wondering if these can be...
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    Cats and Eggs

    I have an indoor cat and I feed a stray cat that comes around each day - the stray cat has been coming around for about 2 years - I have tried feeding both of them eggs since I have more than I need - they won't eat them even if I scramble them in the grease left over after frying hamburgers -...
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    Freezing Feed in Barn

    This year I have my unopened bags of chicken feed in my unheated barn - it is getting well below freezing now - do you think that the feed will be ok when it is below freezing -
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    Eating Eggs - Me

    Since I have chickens I have a lot of eggs - I like eating them and end up eating a least one every day sometimes two - was wondering if this is too many eggs health wise - I'm sure most of you are in the same boat with the availability of eggs - do you eat a lot - what do you think -
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    when I make carrots I peel them before cooking - I end up with shreds of carrots approximately 5 inches long - I was thinking of feeding these to my chickens but then remember the problem that long pieces of grass can cause in a chickens crop - impacted crop - what are your thoughts on this -...
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    Holy Mackerel What an Egg

    No pictures were taken - if it happens again I will take a picture - probably never happen to me again -
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    Holy Mackerel What an Egg

    I got 9 hens - RIR/BarredRock mix - they have been laying for about a month now - usually get 3 or 4 eggs each day - well yesterday I go out to check the nests for eggs - there are 4 eggs in one nest - 3 what I would consider small eggs and 1 humongous egg - this egg was what I would consider a...
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    Advice needed please reply

    From what I read you can bring diseases home by just visiting some chicken place especially if the place is dirty - diseases can get on your clothing and shoes and then get transferred to your chickens
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    Anyone catch their own fish to eat?

    Just some thoughts - using Goldfish for bait is a bad idea - that's how you get unwanted fish in a lake. or river - probably illegal in most states - I been fishing all my life - mainly here in Pa. and in Ontario Canada - love fishing and love eating the fish I catch - as far as worms are...
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    My Husky is killing my chickens and ducks, I need help!

    Once the dog started killing chickens he had too much fun and you'll never stop it from doing it again - you always got to keep them apart - you are basically fighting against nature - I wouldn't let he chickens out to roam the yard anymore _ keep them in the coop
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    Hatched his rooster 15 years ago, what is this established elderly homeowners rights agenst new 8 year old housing devlopments complaining.?

    One. thing I have learned over the years is that there are a lot of uninformed and stupid people and the sad thing they vote - there is a gun club not too far from where I live - the club has been in existence over 60. years - people started. building houses near the club and then tried to stop...
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