Holy Mackerel What an Egg


9 Years
Apr 18, 2011
Lehigh County Pa.
I got 9 hens - RIR/BarredRock mix - they have been laying for about a month now - usually get 3 or 4 eggs each day - well yesterday I go out to check the nests for eggs - there are 4 eggs in one nest - 3 what I would consider small eggs and 1 humongous egg - this egg was what I would consider a extra large goose egg - it measured 3 1/2 in long - 2 1/4 in dia - 7 1/2 in cir - my first thought is how in the world can a chicken lay such a large egg - must have really hurt -

When I crack open the egg it has a yoke and the usual white stuff in it but it also has another complete egg in side of it - shell and all - somehow a egg got in the laying tube and got treated like a yoke and got surrounded with another egg - been raising chickens for a lot of years but never saw this before -

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