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    Wheaton genes

    that is so cool! we wanted a bantam roo Ameraucana, but we think ours is an EE becauase he has green feet. he is becoming angrier because he can see the hens but cant get to them. he has started to become aggressive and afraid of us, we just hope he'll calm down after his quarantine - otherwise...
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    Easter Egger or Americana ?

    Oh! Thank you 😊 I didn’t realize!
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    Easter Egger or Americana ?

    while it is true that ameraucaunas are different from EE as they are a true breed, americaunas are misspelled on purpose so that hatcheries and places like Rural king and TSC can sell them as a true breed and for more money without the buyers realising.
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    Wheaton genes

    what if you bred a blue wheaton male to a plain black or solid color female? would the babies be wheaton or just a solid mixed color?
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    [Araucanas] Homozygous Ear Tuft Gene

    I read that experiment... it’s very interesting... but I have a question - is the tuft gene dominant. For instance if a bird only had one copy of the gene would they still get muffs?
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    Easter Egger or Americana ?

    Criteria for ameraucauna: *blue or slate feet (not green) *Muffs (not tufts) *Pea comb *Blue eggs *Full tail So most likely you have an Easter egger unless all of these apply...
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    Meet my flock :]

    Your flock is so cute and diverse!😃 and are you sure that your ameraucauna isn’t actually an EE? I have always wanted faverolles, but we already have too many others 😆! Who is your favorite?
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    New Chicken Owner Introduction

    They are precious!!! Welcome!
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    Wheaton genes

    i am familiar with basic genetics and still researching... leakage is what makes mutts so special! thank you :)
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    What breed mix do you think she is?

    I actually doubt that she is partly because she has black feet. If the mother was a silkie and the father was a D’uccle than she would only have black feet if she were a cockerel because it is a sex linked gene. Then again if it were the other way around it could be random... she honestly...
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    What breed mix do you think she is?

    She definitely looks D’uccle... but could be mixed with something else.
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    Wheaton genes

    We just acquired a beautiful blue Wheaton rooster and we’re wondering if the Wheaton gene is dominant or recessive? For instance, if we bred our blue Wheaton to a black hen would the babies be blue BLbl and black BLBL ? or would they be blue and black Wheaton?
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    Our hen attacked my two young kids

    One of our more social chickens (the leader of the flock) would do this exact same thing to me, I was so surprised that i just stood there. Eventually she Grew out of it, but the lowest in the pecking order will occasionally attack my feet if I get too close to her. I carry a stick when I first...
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    D’uccle mixes?

    We don’t have the roo yet. But if we were to get him he would be kept mostly with another D’uccle, an EE, a silkie, a frizzle Cochin, and 4 other Cochins...
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