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    Can this be MacGuyvered into a coop?

    A chicken flapping its wings could send that thing flying. I did reuse the tubing and shelves to make some nice trellises. But it's completely useless as is, for either a greenhouse or a coop.
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    Can this be MacGuyvered into a coop?

    I had this exact greenhouse. The structure is very light-weight. It won't hold up against winds of any sort. I anchored it into the ground with 2 foot long spikes, and had it tied to a fence. It went blowing across the driveway, completely mangled.
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    My cockerel has taken a dislike to my one year old!

    It could be his personality. Or it could just be hormones and no mature adults around to put him in his place and keep him there. The only time I've ever had a human aggressive rooster was when my first batch of chicks grew up. There was a miss-sexed cockerel in the bunch. He grew up with only...
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    My cockerel has taken a dislike to my one year old!

    Get rid of the cockerel ASAP. He's learned to see humans as part of the flock. He may respect you, but he won't give that respect to the child. She's too little to understand how to be dominant. Pretty soon, he'll have spurs and he could end up causing serious injury.
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    Chick overload and store sold me sick chicks. HELP

    Could be overheating. Are the brooders large enough for the chicks to escape the heat when needed? Could just be shipping stress, which there is not much you can do about. Sometimes, it's just too much for them to overcome.
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    My chicken is constantly sleeping and puffed up

    First things first. Growing chicks need unlimited access to starter/grower feed. Scratch is a treat, not an appropriate diet for any chicken. And the high calcium content of layer feed can be fatal to young chicks. The bloody poo and the hunching up points to coccidiosis. Give the appropriate...
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    Friendly quiet layers for hot climates?

    They were developed in Australia. They wanted an Orpington-type bird that could cope with the Australian heat. The perfect choice of breed for Arizona.
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    Friendly quiet layers for hot climates?

    Orpingtons aren't particularly tolerant of heat. And Barred Rocks can be wonderful birds, but they really need their elbow room. They are very active and tend to be dominant in nature. The combination can lead to trouble when kept confined in too small a run with nothing to do. Same goes for...
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    Mama Heating Pad Problems

    If you think that's funny, just wait till one gets up on top of the pad and can't figure out where everybody else is. They just sit up there yelling. For the first three days, I find that I'm always rescuing 'lost' chicks. Just like babies, they have no concept of object permanence. It's out of...
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    Hereditary Rooster Aggression

    It takes about a year for you to really get a good understanding of a rooster's temperament. It could just be springtime hormones, and he may settle down in a few weeks. Or, this may be who he really is, from now on. In my opinion, there is never a good excuse for breeding a rooster that has...
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    Emergency!!! Hatched Chick may have Organs hanging out ???? Please help! (Graphic photo)

    Looks like unabsorbed yolk. Trying to push it in could rupture it, which could kill the chick. Just leave it be. Placing the chick in a shallow bowl will help limit its movement so that it doesn't end up worse. Apply an antibiotic ointment and hope and wait. It will either live or die at this...
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    Who are the parents?

    The Sussex is likely the father for both. I'm not seeing any barring on either chick, which the Legbar rooster would have passed to all offspring. He looks pure for the barring gene. The older chick may have a 'Legbar' mother. However, the pictured Legbar hen is lacking barring. How certain are...
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    Introducing chicks to established flock, tips please

    You absolutely can leave them outside all night, provided they have shelter to protect from wind.
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