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    Partridge Silkie Hen

    Quote: Thank you
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    Partridge Silkie Hen

    This is Dean. She is a non-bearded partridge silkie and strongly believed to be a hen. She is about 5-6 months old. Not laying or crowing yet, but I am almost positive she is female. She has the standard 5 toes. She has a beautiful red neck and a very sweet personality. Im selling her...
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    Blue Silkie Rooster - Pet Quality

    This is Sinatra. He is a non-bearded Blue Silkie Rooster. He is labeled as pet quality because he does have some gold leakage throughout his hackles. Though they are striking and evenly dispersed, I think. He is approximately 7-8 months old and a confirmed rooster. He has the standard 5...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: I agree... My oldest is about 4 months and though I was sure it was a boy because he had a large comb and wattles but it wasnt until two days ago I heard a crow that didnt belong to my other two and he was the only "suspect" that it could have belonged to. He also doesnt seem to...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Im pretty sure thats a partridge thanks I didn't hatch them out my friend sent them to me and they were already a week old. I'll keep posting pictures of it as it gets older No problem My little partridge had those colours on her body when she was a baby. She did have colour on...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Im pretty sure thats a partridge
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    Partridge Silkies - Nothing else

    Quote: Sorry Mrheinz77... I know the feeling. I lost my little Bing on the 19th to a possum. She was always a loner of the group since Id had to bring her back from wry neck when she was young and then immediately once she was better my outside guys had a bought with pnuemonia which kept her...
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    Things made from wood pallets!!! Amazing!

    This forum is what inspired me to pick up pallets to make myself a new coop. I think my family thinks Im nuts but they will see once I have a nice 8x6 coop that cost me less than a $100. I dont have a whole lot right now and wont get to start until next Spring but so far I havent bought...
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: You described the addiction perfectly, Whats worse is HAVING the land and trying to stay reasonable... I think you came to the wrong place to get help for your addiction...just sayin. X2!! Haha I know I know Thanks for the "support" guys LOL! Its ok Ive decided I will wait until...
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    Pictures of my weirdoes.

    Quote: Haha I totally just got my husband on this picture. I told him "Ugh! Someone posted a picture of their three dead chickens! Thats so messed up!" He got all sour faced and asked "Why?!" Hahaha FYI: He also told me he wasnt going to believe anything I say for the rest of the night...
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    Am I a cruel mother??

    Haha I think its hilarious XD But like the others said - maybe next time he'll think before he steals the cookie dough haha
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: The colour of the comb doesnt have anything to do with the gender but Silkie standards do say that the comb should be a dark mulberry colour. Not red. If its a pink red it wont change that dramatically to the correct color. Do you have a picture?
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    Silkie thread!

    Quote: Silkies are definitely addictive! Tell me about it! And Im broke and due to have a baby within the next week and a half or so LOL. Wont have time. But I love them so. I just want to cuddle and squeeze them and put little bows in their poofs!
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    Silkie thread!

    I having the itch for more silkies! Someone stop me!! LOL These guys are just so stinkin cute that I want to buy a huge farm and just have a gazillion of these little cotton balls running all over the place!
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    12+ Silkies From Sq Stock!!! *paint Included!!!* **pics**

    Quote: x2! I have no incubator! You make me wish I had one!!!! Great birds!
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