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    Swollen hen foot, need treatment advice

    I didn't see this topic until this post, but I'd like to offer a suggestion... ramps! I have had a couple girls that were limping for one reason or another and put in ramps, so they didn't have to jump down from high spots if they didn't want to. It's amazing how many of them use the ramps. Our...
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    When I had a broody hen that just wouldn't quit, I looked on Craigslist and found some that were just backyard "mutts"... they had quite a mix of birds. But they were only charging $1.75 a dozen! So, I got a dozen and 11 hatched and lived... #12 was fully developed but didn't live. Anyway, CL...
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    Comment by 'Kat2141' in article 'Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs'

    great article! When you find out about the golden eggs, please pass it on! :p
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    Your roo is beautiful!
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    NY chicken lover!!!!

    hi, :welcome I'm a little ways from you... just east of Binghamton. I have 3 red sex-links and 6 that I was told are a cross from a Black Langshan. The people I got the eggs from said they had a Black Langshan roo and several different kinds of hens. Whatever, they are pretty.
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    How can I keep my brooder from reeking

    I agree about the pine shavings, they really help... a little hint for stirring them up and cleaning... use a kitty litter scoop. It's small enough to use in your tub without having to dump all of your shavings out. When I had chicks in the house, and wanted heat, I used a heating pad over a...
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    Grass in the enclosure?

    We have our chickens in a 40x60 "pasture" and since we only have 9 girls, we do mow it on occasion. It's big enough that they don't get it down to dirt.
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    Grass in the enclosure?

    I have never dealt with quail but I know my chickens love grass. It makes sense to move the cage as often as needed to keep it clean for them, if you don't free-range or have a run for them.
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    Egg laying Poll ( please check out!!!)

    I have 3 pullets - not sure what they are other than possibly part black langshan - at 35 weeks and *maybe* one egg a week ago. It was on the poop board and I saw one of them laying there the night before (on the camera). The older girls all basically use the same nest box, so don't think it was...
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    Egg laying Poll ( please check out!!!)

    There are lots of initials flying in here... if anyone else is trying to guess what some are, here is some help.
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    Watering cups, Spouts, Gravity bowls?

    bmanty you use the same exact setup as I do. I tried the little refillable cup with the lever in it a long time ago and they didn't use it... drank lots when I filled the cup but didn't work it themselves. So I just stick with the open drinking methods, they work well and I know they are...
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    Are you looking forward to the BYC upgrade??

    It doesn't really matter to me, I can adapt fairly well. :) but what is BYH? I was guessing backyardhorse, but didn't find a website named that. :) edit: never mind… found it... backyardherds :)
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    Review by 'Kat2141' in article 'Rustic Covered Lean-to Coop and Run'

    I think you did a wonderful job on the coop. Like you, I'm all for recycle & reuse stuff if at all possible. We have ours in an unused horse stall. I like the way that you have the clean-out under the roosts and the nest box setup. If I were to build a new coop, I would consider both. The picket...
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    Extremely fragile eggs

    chances are good that they will someday get a taste of raw egg regardless of how careful you are... if they lay one with a soft shell, there is always a chance it will break before you get it out. I have had that happen a few times with new layers and none of mine break and eat good eggs.
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    Extremely fragile eggs

    I have 2 "bowls" that my MIL gave me when she gave me my first 2 hens (one for oyster shell and one for grit). They are just the bottoms of some kind of plastic juice jug that she cut down and left a little tab a little long on one side and it just gets screwed into the board on the wall...
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