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    Review by 'KettermanHillCoop' in article 'Home For Happy Chickens'

    Great job right from the site planning! Thanks for the descriptive construction steps as well as the instructional links to follow. Great score on the recycled materials (great friends too for donating!). The scenery pieces are fabulous! Pre-planning for additional items (electrical) was a...
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    Review by 'KettermanHillCoop' in article 'Bscorpio73s Chicken Coop'

    Not much to go on to review the coop. (great pics of the chickens though). Coop seems a bit small for the amount of chickens and ventilation, from the few pics posted, seems a bit on the short side. I do love the roof of the run though! Great way to keep it bright.
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    Review by 'KettermanHillCoop' in article 'Coop Build'

    Great that you included a material list! That's very helpful to others like me when looking for ideas. I'm also a visual learner and your pic by pic construction process was very easy to follow. It does seem like a lot of birds for that coop though. I'm also curious about the ladder perch...
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    Review by 'KettermanHillCoop' in article 'Matimeos Chicken Coop'

    Cute little coop for a couple of chickies. I like that bucket / pvc pipe setup for the water...clever, very clever. I have that "under the coop run" thing too...and let me tell it out is a pain in the rump. Hindsight being 20/20...I wish I knew then what I know now...and built...
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    Review by 'KettermanHillCoop' in article 'Our Chicken Coop'

    Great repurposing!!! Love the outside "porch" area! Great for shade and protection from the weather ( and a spot for humans to relax). I'm curious on how the 16 birds will do with the perch system. My "kids" always vie for the highest spot in my set up. Nice explanation of each picture.
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    Small Scale Composting

    I just love Redneck Engineering. :clap As for composting, my edumacated guess (never did it either) would be when it turns that dark loamy color. :confused:
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    Small Scale Composting

    JT, how in the heck do you keep that "bagger" attached to the mower??? Genius idea!!! I love it!
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    Gardening for Old Folks (Adaptative)

    Took me all dang afternoon to plant flowers around 3 sides of the run. This getting old crap is for the proverbial birds! I feel like a truck ran me over...twice...
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    Where did they come from???

    So....what's the deal here? Heaven forbid we must share the grub dish with anyone but ourself...but a LBB can casually dine at leisure without one iota of a care???
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    Where did they come from???

    Added the summer "hawks" (leaves) into the run. Carried on like lunatics. was Chicken Heaven!
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    Gardening for Old Folks (Adaptative)

    Take a gander through the pics...maybe you can find your culprit?
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    Feeder Build

    JT's School of Technology! I'll bring the keg! :yesss:
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    Feathers growing out of comb?

    Super cool! I think she should be named Cher! lol
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    Feeder Build

    Thanks JT! I wish we were neighbors! lol I'd just come plop lumber on your lawn with a case of your favorite beverage and let you "have at it!". :bow
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