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    Does anyone feed their chickens spent grains from beer brewing?

    thanks for the replies! they have been enjoying the spent barley in moderation... and hopefully we will be enjoying our beer in a few weeks!
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    Does anyone feed their chickens spent grains from beer brewing?

    We just started home brewing and are making our first batch of India pale ale right now! Brewing 5-6 gallons of this recipe produces a pound or so of spent grain - malted barley, which is barley that has been germinated, then dried (and now is wet after steeping them) I just gave a little bit...
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    EE's talking

    Yes, my Ameracaunas are very vocal too! One (of the two) especially - Moosi, she gets up on a perch as soon as she wakes up and just squawks and talks all morning!
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    I did it ...I did it!

    a friend of mine says the same thing about a chick shortage - she was supposed to get them today, but no! didn't hear when they're supposed to come. I think it's great that so many people want chicks! and, cetawin, have fun with your babies when they come!
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    colloidal silver question with another update

    Hi all, For once, I actually have some knowledge on this topic. I'm a graduate student and am doing some research on silver in the environment - about how to detect and understand what form silver might be in the environment - but anyway... I can't understand the popularity of colloidal...
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    What Made You Get Your Chickens?

    adoption! our neighbors in virginia had them ... so we took a liking to them (and their eggs) then ... then we moved to colorado and lo and behold our new neighbors also had 2 hens! then they moved and couldn't take their 2 hens with them so we became adoptive parents! then unfortunately they...
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    Laying Hen, somewhat depressed, white/yelllow diarrhea, messy vent....

    it does sound a little like my hen who was just egg bound - at least the messy vent and lethargy part, but our hen additionally had blood on her eggs and a swollen vent. She had the same symptoms for a couple of days, and then was in complete pain until we put her in a warm bath and she passed...
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    Im writing a chicken book

    that's great! will this be a how-to book? funny chicken stories would be a great book too. or a story about lives with chickens - kind of like Marley and Me if anyone's read that - highly recommended if you haven't!
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    Dead Pullet

    So sorry to hear about that - but yes, I believe the hens can peck the little ones to death.
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    Hen pulling feathers

    could she have mites? still don't know if that would make her pull out her own feathers though. i've heard there's bitter stuff you can spray to prevent pecking ... i don't have any experience though- good luck!
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    caring for post-egg-bound hen

    Hi, My year old Buff Orpington just passed an eggbound egg - I have never had that before, it was scary. Thanks to some of the previous topics I knew to put her in a warm bath and it came out. We've been noticing things weren't quite right with her over the last few weeks. About a month and...
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    i'm so sorry!!! i can tell what a wonderful hen she was from your poem. all of my condolences, and i hope the rest of the flock can provide some comfort, at least they are safe.
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    the one on the bottom left and the reddish one look like americaunas to me. the rest of them, we'll i'd just call them adorable! can't wait till our feed store gets chicks in, just so i can go play with them!
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    Completely new chick owner

    Hi! That's great that you can get 3 chicks. 3 might seem like a few, but it's a good idea to start with just a few, so you're not overwhlemed. Taking care of chicks is really fun, but it's work too. Plus, they grow up into chickens really fast! I bet you'll like chickens too by the time...
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    Chicken gets Cancer Treatment

    sure it's absurd, but i have to say i can understand their feelings!
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