caring for post-egg-bound hen


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May 5, 2007
My year old Buff Orpington just passed an eggbound egg - I have never had that before, it was scary. Thanks to some of the previous topics I knew to put her in a warm bath and it came out.
We've been noticing things weren't quite right with her over the last few weeks. About a month and half ago she lost all her butt feathers and it seemed like others were picking on her. No blood or anything, but it didn't look nice.
Then the last week and a half we've been noticing her eggs were bloody and she has been taking longer to lay them. Then today she was just totally eggbound, with the egg about a third out, but still mostly covered in skin. She was in a lot of pain till she passed it in the bath.
Now she's behaving normally; eating, drinking, walking around. But her vent is swollen, red, protruding and she is leaking white liquid from it. Basically what this post described:
I've got her in a bathroom inside now, to keep an eye on her and not let the others pick on her. I'm about to go out to get a dog crate so she can be outside - I don't think she likes being inside (although she is intrigued by the mirror).
What else should I be doing? My intuition says to put her into a forced molt to let her swollen oviduct and vent heal. What would you do? Thanks in advance for the advice.


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Apr 20, 2007
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Many use Preparation H to help a prolapsed vent (which it sounds like yours has, a little bit) retract back in. "Search" for it, you will find many topics describing its use.

I would keep her warm, comfy, and in relatively dimly lit conditions (not too much light, and not too long a 'day') to discourage egg laying for the moment. The whole 'forced molt' thing sounds awfully hard on the bird (physically) to me, but others with more experience can advise you better about that.

Keep her separate from the others til her vent is well healed.

And if she is by any chance somewhat, uh, well-upholstered (pudgy) then getting her to a slimmer weight may reduce the chance of recurrance.

Good luck,


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