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    12 wheaten ameraucana eggs

    Are you NPIP?
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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    These are still available until the end of the day. Can ship out tomorrow.
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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    BIN, ready to ship today or they go into the fridge 12+ purebred hatching eggs from our 3 breeds of heritage ducks. This variety pack will include eggs from our Saxony, Ancona and Silver Appleyard ducks that have been collected yesterday and today. I did not mark them, but you will get a fun...
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    Review by '' on item 'Cotton Patch'

    As a person who swore up and down that we would never own geese I must say that CPG's have made me a convert. I have never met such amiable, intelligent and curious birds as our Cotton Patch Geese. The most drama I have gotten is some minor hissing at breeding/hatching time (protective behavior)...
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    Comment by 'kiwijean83' in item 'Cotton Patch'

    I have not found aggression to be a problem at all with this breed. I am not a fan of geese in general after being attacked as a kid, but our CPGs are docile, curious and gentle, even during breeding/hatching season. I would have to agree with the assessment that they are often aggressive...
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    Belgian Cuckoo Malines - Next Generation

    how many eggs per year do you get from this breed? I am so very excited to be adding them to our farm in the spring!! been searching for a good heritage meat/dual purpose bird :)
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    Barred Holland breed of chickens

    :( I hope you get some answers, not knowing is more torture than having a diagnosis (in my opinion). Thoughts are with you!
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    Barred Holland breed of chickens

    Oh Cheralee, I am so sorry :( What a devastating loss :( Have you sent any birds in for necropsy/testing to confirm cause of death? That was a very fast disease progression with ridiculously high mortality. I wish there was something I could do to help :(
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    ISO Metal poultry nesting boxes (Arlington, Wa)

    Good afternoon. I am looking to find a couple metal poultry nesting boxes (used is completely fine as long as they are in descent condition) to add to our coop. I would prefer to refurbish some used ones or purchase from a local maker (Arlington, Wa.) 4-10 hole boxes are preferred but I can be...
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    Comment by 'kiwijean83' in article 'Henpals Chicken Nest Boxes'

    :( I am assuming they are no longer in business? Bummer, would loved to have added some nest boxes to our farm, have heard great things about them
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    How do I get started on selling eggs?

    Good luck cowhlb, I am sure business will take off for ya :) Ours did, we can't keep up with demand!
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    Barred Holland breed of chickens

    Sure wish I could make it :( If you do record the talk I would love to hear it!
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    Barred Holland breed of chickens

    So happy to have found this thread. We really wanted to add this lovely breed to our farm and have contacted several breeders to inquire about purchasing hatching eggs, but none have returned our messages. Is anyone on this thread currently selling hatching eggs? I had planned to turn my...
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    Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

    DMRippy, you are killing me! :) Must be strong, must be strong!
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