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    How do you make your chickens more comfortable with you?

    Jesus and chickens are awesome!
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    coop bedding- what do you prefer??

    I like dried grass shavings from my lawn even though I usually use hay.
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    Comment by 'LDSB' in article 'How To Clip Trim The Wings Of Your Chicken To Prevent Flight'

    I'm kind of scared to clip my chickens wings.
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    Chicken Squabbles

    One of my chickens peck another than that chicken pecks back. I thought the pecking order was stable.
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    New Mexico

    I am in Alburqueque
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    Hi Joined yesterday

    Thats WhAT I THINK
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    Hi Joined yesterday

    Hey I live in ABQ NM to.
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    Hi Joined yesterday

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    Hi Joined yesterday

    My hen is eating potato leaves What can happen
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