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    Face diapers huh? LOL
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    what is your chickens favorite food?

    scrambled eggs
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    wheezing chicken & whites of eyes red

    Her breathing was back to normal this morning. It was weird...her eyes were red and then they just slowly went back to yellow.
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    wheezing chicken & whites of eyes red

    Update: I took pics to show you, but as you can see in each photo, the red seemed to be going I was taking the pictures. Now, her eye is back to being yellow, so I'm guessing that maybe she coughed something up and, like people, can have a blood vessel rupture in their eyes...
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    wheezing chicken & whites of eyes red

    I have a 6 year old EE bantam, who last night started wheezing loudly. I separated her, gave her bread soaked in Olive oil (which she didn't eat until this morning) and the wheezing stopped (it had stopped last night when I checked on her late). She seems okay except that her face looks redder...
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    This fly trap REALLY works. *PICS

    ahhhh. that would make sense.
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    This fly trap REALLY works. *PICS

    The thought of opening that bag and dumping them out just turns my stomach. I could barely grab it from the long string and put it in a large trash bag. ...but thanks for the idea.
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    This fly trap REALLY works. *PICS

    I've tried the vanilla car scents and the sticky pest strips...both did not work. Sure, flies got stuck to the pest strips, but it didn't get rid of them. Then, one day... I was in Home Depot looking for something heavy duty to kill giant spiders I just discovered in my basement (my throat...
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    Opinions needed re: grumpy craigslist seller

    He obviously had you confused with another buyer and then was too embarrassed to admit the mistake. I actually think his comment about you being "kind of a pain" is funny...not that it was meant for you, but maybe the person who he intended to call a pain was actually kind of a pain.
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    Hen with a hurt leg

    The only thing I can suggest is to wait and see. She may have sprained her leg and is just favoring it. If she is having trouble getting into the coop, help her and make sure she can easily get to food and water for now.
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    Advice on lathargic chicken

    There is no solution for broodiness other than letting her hatch some eggs and become a mommy. I always have at least 2 hens that are broody at any given time. Some times they'll be broody for weeks, other times they give up after 1 week (but that's rare). I've read that there are ways to break...
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    Advice on lathargic chicken

    Sounds like she's broody.
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    Skin Rot? Fungus?

    lol. Mine always get the star treatment too. These are the ones that become your favorite.
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    My Rooster Needs Help

    There's a woman that has a blog that treats chicken ailments. She has this video on how she took care of her hens bumblefoot. I could never do what she does, but it helps to see what things look like and the options you have. She also has other really interesting things. I found her on...
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    Orange-ish poop? Everyone needs this.
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