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  • Jai,
    I miss you a lot, you know that? I wish you'd come back one day. The hope that you'll come back actually keeps me on this website. I hope all is well and you're happy.
    - Your old Amiga, Sky
    Ah, it's cool. Don't even worry.
    Everything's chilling out, actually. Stress is low and life is well. Now all I need is your new # lol. PM it to me ASAP.
    -- Timey Wimey,
    Sky, I apologize for not seeing your message sooner. I hope your step-father is ok and that everything is calming down.

    -Best regards, Jai
    Hope everything is okay with you. My stepdad just got in a car wreck today and he's mad and everyone's stressed and it's just a hard time for me right now. But don't worry, I'm okay. I've been watching Doctor Who to chill myself out. I'm thinkin' bout ya! Merry Christmas!
    - Tu amiga, Sky.
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