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    Limping Cornish Cross

    The joint is definitely swollen and hot. We've started antibiotics today. I like the idea of adding in B-Complex. I am keeping him as a pet. He'll be my second Cornish Cross, Kit is our 1 year old CX dude. Thank you for the information! I included the xray if you're interested.
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    Limping Cornish Cross

    On Wednesday 24th a couple of wonderful people rescued a little Cornish Cross that was stuck by a riverbank in Northern New Jersey. The little one, who I suspect is a ~7 week old roo, came to live with us that same day and is currently quarantined from the other chickens. The first couple of...
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    Recommendations for camera in the coop?

    Through your phone. Just need SD card if looking to record
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    Bene-Bac Plus Probiotic Powder Dosing

    Good morning all! I'm looking to start my Cornish Cross Rooster on a daily probiotic and Bene-Bac Plus has come highly recommended. Does anyone here have experience with using it for maintenance and at what dose? Thanks!
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    Limping Hen

    I wish I had better suggestions but no, not really! She limped for a couple of days and then it seemed to resolve. I already had her scheduled in for a wellness exam with her vet and they said all looked and felt normal during that. She's definitely my poofiest girl so I think she may have just...
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    Opinions wanted on a variety of symptoms

    Good morning all. I'd love some opinions on what could be going on with our Merry. I have posted about him before but hoping to get additional input. He had a rough start at life, dumped in the woods and picked up by animal control. He's been living with us for several weeks now. He's completely...
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    What is this? Sound for alarm?

    I agree with those above, looks like a bruise
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    Possible Mareks Disease

    Thank you for replying. I really appreciate it. We'll continue continuing on and hope it's not Marek's. He's doing better than he was, which makes me hopeful!
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    MDV Marek’s Disease Discussion

    Thank you for sharing this experience!
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    Is there life after Mareks?

    Did you get the PCR results?
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    Possible Mareks Disease

    Hi all. Does this sound like potential Mareks to you? Little roo with an unknown history, of unknown age, found roaming the woods. I understand that taking him in is not ideal in any way but that's done and in the past now. He has been quarantined from my other chickens the entire time we have...
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    Limping Hen

    Thank you for this information!
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    Limping Hen

    Good afternoon all. Rosemary, the almost 1 year old Buff Orpington hen, is limping. She is still putting weight on both legs but walks with a slight limp. I've examined her foot pads, moved her legs, checked her toes, and I don't see or feel any obvious injury, heat, etc. She's still eating...
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