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    Nature Education Site

    I recently finished rebuilding this site and thought some of you with kids might find it interesting
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    What did they do for calcium in the old days?

    My goal is to have my chickens be self-sustaining at least in the warmer months. They can find plenty to eat around my place, but this spring I quickly discovered they need supplemental calcium or they stop laying. Yes, I could stockpile bags of calcium chips, but that's not my goal. What did...
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    Welcome to the forums Beth
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    New Englanders! Much ado about New England!

    Are they adults? If so, don't worry about them, they're wearing down coats Just be sure they have dry bedding and can get out of the wind.
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    Be aware that they're only open until noon on Saturdays
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    The prices at RK Miles are actually very competitive, and they deliver for free! Everybody there is really helpful except a guy named Stephen who seems to only want to deal with big contractors. If you get him acting like a jerk please complain and maybe they'll finally get rid of him. The...
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    Stopping broody behavior with wire bottom cages, but what about the cold?

    I'm about to build some cages with wire bottoms to stop our two broody hens from being broody. I'm concerned that they will get too cold because our temps are still going below freezing. Will putting 2x4s on their sides in the cages to give them something to roost on be enough to keep them warm...
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    Will chickens use wider roost if their feet are cold on narrow roost?

    I have two new bundles of wood chips that I was planning on putting in the coop the day before it's supposed to get really cold to have them be as dry as possible.
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    Will chickens use wider roost if their feet are cold on narrow roost?

    My coop has multiple roosts. One is a two-by-four on it's side, 8ft long. Another is a piece of pine about 2inches wide, and approx 6ft long. The other roosting spot is the 1" boards keeping the wood chips from falling out the door, they're in a u-shape around the doorway. We're about to have...
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    All of mine did fine with no insulation and no heat. I did partially block one of the big upper vents last night because it was getting direct wind. They must have huddled together on the shorter roost because there's a bunch of big frozen turds under it this morning
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    How much do your chickens eat? :D

    My 17 birds are going through 50lbs of of pellets in 10 days. So that's 150lbs a month. Plus scraps and compost. They ate a LOT less pellets when there were bugs to eat.
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    Any suggestions for what to plant to help feed the chickens?

    We have 17 birds and are expecting to increase a bit this summer When they were free-ranging they only ate 1lb or so of pellets per day, but now with the cold weather they're going through 5lbs a day. The seed catalogs are coming in the mail and we're starting to think about what to grow next...
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    Nice rooster! What are folks in VT doing for feed? We've been feeding our 17 chickens Green Mountain Organic layer pellets. Now that it's colder they aren't finding much in the yard and they're eating a LOT of feed. A 50lb bag costs $22+ locally and only lasts a week or so.
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    Feeding egg shells

    I'm considering feeding my chickens their egg shells. There's usually some egg white/yolk still clinging to the eggs. Do I risk them turning into egg eaters? I've noticed some people bake their shells before feeding, is that to prevent egg eating? Thanks for any info
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    Secrets for taming roosters?

    They're like dogs. Never allow your rooster to display aggression of any kind toward you. If it flaps it's wings when you approach, show it who's boss. Our is very good overall, but he's tested his limits a few times. I usually just march right toward him and he backs off, but if he doesn't a...
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